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  1. Hey John It would be a good idea to have them cleaned since it is a new system from a Nadca certified duct cleaning firm which Specialize what is called source removal ductcleaning, have them go thru the proceess with you and main points would be 1, make sure they put the system under neg air pressure 2. brush and air sweep back to the neg air collector from the register back to supply air plenum 3 seal any air leaks utilizing a duct blaster with colored smoke then seal those openings I have 20 yrs in Hvac and Hvac cleaning in the residential, commerical, industrial and offshore sectors Any other questions or refferals Pm me Keith
  2. UPDATE I attended the last meeting of the Louisiana Home Inspector board. The board will be reviewing their requirements for training, the selecting of trainers and the documenting of the number of hours and the curriculum. An incident was brought before the board regarding an inspector/trainer having too many students, not fullfilling the required hours and false documentation. The board revoked his license.
  3. Thanks for the imput, but it looks like no one is using it KB
  4. looking at purchasing a net book computer any of you guys usings these and if so what are your opinions thanks KB
  5. einspections.net see if this will do again thanks for the imput KB
  6. hey guys Do any of you use this particular software and if so can you comment on the good and the bad
  7. Hey guys i am looking for a printer to print my reports on site can you give me a few recomendations, looking for something wireless that i can leave in van. Thanks KB
  8. ok guys i am new here and im jumping thur the hoops of getting my lic, well all is going well taken my 90 hrs of classroom training , sat thur a report writing seminar, and have taken my national exam all is good , but next comes the 30 hrs dead training for a fee of 750.00 for 30 hrs what a crock actually attend 16 hrs and credit for 30 the instructor on the first day read the standard to us and ad libs so much bs about himself we did not even look at a thing , then here comes sunday same thing no training just looked around a old commercial building , then the next day we watched him inspect a home which he did not even do to the standard example heater in closet very easy to check asked him show us how u check a furnance he said just turn it on , i asked arent you going to take the covers off and inspect the chamber and burners he said that is not in the standard which is not true . so you guys tell me what to do just dont say anything to the board or bring it up, I think it is a crying shame and a scam all this training and then trying to get a another guy to let me ride with him for 10 inspection when they dont even follow the standard them self OK i think i got that off my chest ,, Tell me what u think
  9. to calculate r/a good rule of thumb is 144 square inches per ton of cooling. You cannot determing operation pressure until you have a balanced air distrubtion
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