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  1. here is another picture... Click to Enlarge 7.28 KB
  2. Any of you guys know what this is? It had a very small cord, in conduit that went up into the attic of a 36 yr old condo. Looked pretty new. The only writing on it was a warning sign for a laser. Click to Enlarge 5.91 KB
  3. wow, thats interesting, this came from a 52 year old home.
  4. I dont think I've seen this before. Click to Enlarge 33.78 KB
  5. No issue being too close to the decking?
  6. Are you guys aware of the clearance requirements for a sidewall flue for a gas fireplace? This is a Trex deck. Thanks in advance. Click to Enlarge 35.18 KB
  7. I bought one of those cheap ultrafire lights a while ago and it never worked. Not from day one.
  8. Yea, I mentioned all the condensation and to get a cert from an HVAC specialist. The flue pipe was actually touching the oil fill line at one point with no supports at all. What a mess.
  9. I also wanted to mention that i have seen this type of setup with high efficiency gas furnaces. I was under the impression that these could only be used with systems of higher efficiency than oil systems. In the field, how would one determine if this, or any other sidewall flue system can be used (assuming the manual is not available).
  10. I was at a house today with an oil fired furnace with what appeared to be a single walled steel concentric flue system (that terminated under a window). I have never seen a setup quite like this. The flue pipe is flexible and just draped over to the foundation wall. The whole setup was strange. A 9 year old furnace with a carrier coil/plenum, a payne compressor and a Parrsboro Metal Fabricators (i live in PA-Never saw one of these before [apparently a Canadian company]...). All original to the home. i cant find any information on sidewall flues/concentric systems with oil fired systems. When a
  11. Made me laugh... Click to Enlarge 30.3 KB[:-monkeyd
  12. It was right after the water meter. Click to Enlarge 57.52 KB
  13. The chimney was leaning pretty good... but it was definitely a WTF through the hatch... and guess what... it was leaking! (imagine that) I didnt even mention the other chimney that was only being used for the gas water heater, un-lined and was back drafting so bad it put out my lighter (heater wasnt on)!
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