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  1. Doesn't matter really how well they work or not. What matters I think is the homeowner going to really keep the area where the cable travels clutter free. In an empty garage a mechanism like this will always work. Give the homeowner a few years to accumulate clutter and more stuff like all of us and that cable will get entangled in something eventually. The cable looks like it has a quick disconnect on it just for the purpose of entanglement, but that may not be. In the case of entanglement and separation of the electrical line, what safeguards are in place for this equipment? Years ago I worked at a major garage door manufacturer and I don't ever recall any openers like these included in any line they manufactured and sold.
  2. My son just moved back to NE Kansas from Comanche OK, near Lawton in the SW of Oklahoma. He said in and around that area most homes did not have basements under the homes. But they had cellars out in the yard about 30' from the house. Reason being if a twister came they didn't want the house caving in on them. But they also have a very high clay content to their soil as well. Most if not all shelters were underground with very few concrete safe rooms above ground.
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    Never been around one of those ugly beasts, I think I'll stick with my Angus.
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    I didn't know Ariat had boots that are EH rated, I shall have to take a look at their line.
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    I was just wondering, the boots I wear on an inspection are EH rated and mine are getting a little worn in the toe area, amazing how that area goes so fast. But I was just wondering before I go by another pair, just how many others wear boots that are EH rated? Mine are made by Converse and they are awfully comfortable. They look more like a hiking boot than work boots and feel like it too. Nice and lightweight and your toe doesn't freeze off when its ice cold outside. Had a bull step on my toe once and that composite cover held right up.
  6. OK, I have to ask, why do you want a fireplace in the bathroom? Regardless of all the issues that could be involved with such a location, I'll focus on one issue....Slip and falls in the bath room could be re-written if you slipped then fell on a fireplace. Now mind ya of his, its your money and you can do with it as ya please. I have never saw a bathroom with a fireplace ever in my life.
  7. Well, I didn't know it would drop the call. That is good important info to know. I was thinking about going with it. But as everyone knows, a call is always dropped at the worst time or when the call is really important. If its a unimportant call or just shooting the BS the call is crystal clear and no problems. Interesting idea to switch your wife and let her test it out. Keep us apprised please.
  8. Sorry Joe, posted that before I was done. My son has a Straight Talk phone and is happy with it. He lives in Oklahoma in the relatively flatter area with few hills, so he should have good coverage. But right now at this minute, they are driving back here to NE Kansas to live. It is really hilly so I think he will have a problem. In these parts, if ya don't have an AT&T phone, you will lose signal for sure. We have several Sprint and Verizon towers in this county, but they are just poorly located to prevent drop zones. AT&T has really good coverage and about 10 towers and they are all higher than the competition. If you can wait a few days and ask again, I'll let you know how his coverage is standing up here.
  9. I saw an article that Republic Wireless was selling unlimited airtime (voice,data, text) for $19 via the Sprint network. You buy the LG Optimus S, which is an Android based phone for $199 and after that your plan is a flat real unlimited plan. Here is the link; http://news.cnet.com/8301-13845_3-57347763-58/republic-wireless-now-unlimited-for-real/?tag=mncol%3Btxt
  10. Cost to convert depends mainly on the appliance and where you are in the country as far as market economics go. We converted a NG stove to use propane when we move to the rural area. At that time I had no idea how to do it so I took it to the guy here. He charged a whole $25 for the jets and re-adjusting the stove. When we dropped it off I had no diea how long he would have it. Got home and with-in an hour he called said it was done, the price and if we didn't make it by the end of the day there would be a whole dollar per day storage fee. But, I question why you would even want to take the time and spend the money on such an old water heater. Sure it looks great now, but lets say you convert it. Thats X dollars for that process. But, then you install it and you leave for work or what ever and come home hours later to a flooded home. The cost damages and clean up from that will be higher than a modern water heater. Water damage, it's not worth the risk to install a used water heater.
  11. Yes Jim, just saw on the news this morning that the House is headed back in to "re-think" the plan. They have been re-thinking for quite some time. A further disaster each time they re-think instead of act properly. Its a great country we have all let it slide into.................
  12. Not to worry Tom, they are here to help and protect us...............
  13. Just heard that the deal to extend the payroll tax is going to be funded by people who buy homes beginning Jan 01. It applies to all home purchases financed except VA loans. The news is saying the fee increase will be about $15 more a month on a $200K for the life of the loan. Here is the article: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/12 ... -cut-deal/
  14. Another tool to use to stop problems is a rootkit scanner. Some say Kaspersky has about the best one out, they call theirs TDSS Rootkiller. I have it and it works I guess. It hasn't caught anything that got past AVG or Spybot. Problem with it is that you have to run it yourself, it isn't automatic like anti-virus or Spybot. Most anti-virus programs have rootkit detection built in, but that part of the program doesn't get the attention it needs and isn't udated very often. There is an article here about rootkit programs; http://usa.kaspersky.com/about-us/why-k ... -detection
  15. I have it and it still slipped through. Had Spybot not caught it I would never have known. My wifes uses Avast, stuff slips be her Avast and her Spybot catches it. I wouldn't be surprised if Gary was right about the anti-virus people.
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