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  1. android devices are geting more and more powerful like a low end windows pc, I still can not type with two thumbs as fast as ten fingures, but good enough for now, so I'm seriously looking at android inspection apps, it is still ongoing but not looking good. There are very few players on the mobile market, even the big boys don't have standalone inspection apps. I even ran into software maker's website still using flash, don't they know flash support has been dropped by android. I skipped past any softwares that requires ongoing costs, I just can't imagine when I turn on my PC, microso
  2. no idea what are you guys talking about
  3. I've bumped into this problem quite often, only on some receptacles located under sink for garburator and inside kitchen cabinet for range hood. When I plug in my receptacle testers (yes, I tried a few), it showed nothing, black, as if the receptacles were not connected at all. But when I plug in the garburator or range hood, they worked just fine. It happens so often that I no longer call it out, is anyone else out there see the same thing?
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. Seems like we have come to a consensus. Next time I see one of these, if it has no display and not respond to control, I'll open it up to check if it needs batteries. And then write it up as "possibly a timer switch for exhaust fan, ask owner for instructions." Thanks again
  5. Thanks everyone for pitching in, but I'm still not really sure, because in both cases, the switches were in interior rooms, far away from any exterior wall, and in the case of the high rise condo, it's on a 26th floor and not much is on the outside. And when I play with the switch, nothing happened, no display at all. Could both be faulty?
  6. I ran into this dimmer-looking switch for the second time, first time it's outside a bathroom of a 5 year old town house. I thought it was some kind of control for the bathroom fan, but didn't seem to be working. This time it's on a 3 year old high rise condo, inside a closet that facing front entrance door, still looked the same, still seemed not controlling anything. Does anyone seen this before and know what is it for? Click to Enlarge 22.79 KB
  7. Thanks Erby, maybe the realtor is right and I just made a fool of myself. I'll email my client and let him know. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, there, A 7 year old stackable washer dryer, the top of the washing machine agitator formed a bowl, I always thought there is a cap and the top should be flat. I called it out in my report stating "the cap for the agitator missing". But the realtor emailed my client saying she's seen the agitator without a cap, there is actually a bowl for something. Click to Enlarge 21.17?KB So am I wrong on the cap thing? Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions, just got the answer back from the city, in case you're curious, it refers to the old and discontinued garbage collection system, when the home owners pay for garbage service based on the number of cans they can set out each week, hence the number 3 or 4.
  10. Thanks, Mike, for the quick reply, I called the city a few times, all I got were voice mails and asking me to leave a call back number, I'm not hold high hope on getting a call back any time soon. Typical city service, anyway, I'm still trying to get a hold of a live person, but in the mean time, I thought it might worth a shot asking for help here, in case someone knows.
  11. Hi, there, A customer called and asked me what is the sign that says "City of Vancouver Sanitation Services 3" on his lane way fence post doing? He said the neighbour has a similar sign of ?City of Vancouver Sanitation Services 4" on their fence post. I know it's not within our standard of practice to inspect this kind of signs, but in the interest of providing better service to my customer, I'd love to know the purpose of the sign. My guess is that it's some kind of marking for garbage pick up or sewage connection, but not sure at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Yeah, I'm just wondering how time consuming it is to add a discussion forum on Whisper Solution's website and ask a couple users to work as moderators. It's common practice in open source community and could be very helpful to users without costing the company an arm and a leg in terms of manpower.
  13. Hi, Nolan, Thanks for the quick reply. It helped me a lot. I was making my own template that fit Nachi SOP from Texas template. It's pretty much done. As for the text that display red but print black, you suggested using lock text feature, which worked great, thanks. The software's documentation sucks, btw. I hope the developers at Whisper Solutions will make cloakable text more visible on their next version, fingers crossed. It was after reading your posts on this forum that I decided to give Whisper Reporter a try, it takes so few clicks to generate a nice looking repor
  14. I just started using Whisper Reporter, and in the process of setting up my own template, I ran into a few problems. I know there are a few experienced Whisper Reporter users on this forum. I hope someone can lend me a hand. 1. I'm using the Texas template and I saw some subjects with picklist in them are italic and red, so to remind you to pick something from the picklist, yet they print black so they won't stand out. I know they are coded texts but I like the idea of having them red on display but black when printed as PDF. Is there anyway I can make some of my texts the same way? 2.
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