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  1. on one of the 3 condo buildings the condo board hired an "English is not our first language crew" who installed the Hardie but decided to face nail it for some reason tho almost all HARDIE HERE IS BLIND NAILED. they over drove the nails 1/2 way through and seemed unaware that there is actually an adjustment on the compressor that can reduce the nail gun power. you can't fix stupid as ron white says. we love Hardie otherwise, my house has some, sons house etc, great stuff.
  2. Possibly those hose clamps need to be Marine rated as its near water (or will be soon)?
  3. Do you ever see insulation on the t and P relief valve , not on the discharge line from the valve, but on the standard side screw in valve body itself? ? on a tank, electric, heater? not factory installed insulation? Some forum folks say water heaters come with a foam like cover (like an outside faucet cover) to fit over the valve. These valves are usually warm to the touch although touchable, and really stand out in my opinion as a heat loss area, especially on a heater build to the new Post march 2015 energy standard. Cant find anything on the net, except one link to a man that tried to sell them, but that was in the past.
  4. what is the term , in referring to the metal top cap on a chimney "cap", that describes the practice of putting a slight raised crimp(s) or bent up crease into the top metal to make it slightly higher such that it will drain (rather than it being flat?? Thanks
  5. does that levitation transmit a lot of noise into the house?
  6. sorry. I see postings that say a electrical service disconnect is required for tank water heaters in homes. Not clear about if it is new construction or replacement of an existing heater in an existing home. But what about similar "electrical things" like dishwashers, or trash compactors, do they need a service disconnect ps English IS my first language.
  7. but what about a dishwasher, it (in my opinion) will get worked on more, or a wall oven, or trash compactor. cabinet mounted disconnect will look cool in the kitchen!@#$%^& does the code only mention water heaters?
  8. prefab fireplace with metal multi wall flue pipe, , all outside the house wall, has own foundation, so no access from house crawl space, has a prefab flue pipe inside the chase. whats a Tee?
  9. my house has a wood sided (lap siding) chimney chase up the side (2 story). Room inside the house there is a 2 story room with a tall ceiling (no attic access to the chimney chase). Has anyone ever seen any kind of access door or hatch to allow inspection of the inside of the chase (for water leaks etc?)
  10. It could have been any current-carrying part. There are lots of little bits of metal in there. Something worked itself loose or developed a small fracture or something like that. It's also possible, but very unlikely, that there was actually arcing going on inside the receptacle. Did you save it? no, I thought about it tho, 1989 house leviton or whoever would probably have blamed it on abuse, or possibly lack of scheduled maintenance in accordance with owners manual (LOL) but to me it was an odd failure. I think it was maybe 120 degrees or so you could hold your finger on it, but it was warmer than warm but cooler than too hot to touch. another web site said "dirt" will cause this but it was in my hall. house is somewhat clean (using Southern standard of course) note capital S
  11. no back stabbing just terminals. so. something inside the recep fAiled but what
  12. what gas do marinas in chicago sell? ethanol or pure gas?
  13. could not find much of this on the web. thought Id ask you folks. had a plug in flashlight, in a standard wall recep. took it out to use it, found it warm around the plug in prongs.. so I plugged it in somewhere else it was not warm. back to the outlet , still warm between the upper and lower plug in places. , so I said ,maybe a loose wire, pulled it out of the wall box, no loose wires, but it was a feed thru rcep with things downstream, I turned those things off, still warm, almost hot actually, so I replaced the receptacle (20 years old) . then it was cool normal--- ever seen this? wonder how much its cost me in heating it for all the years
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