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  1. Thanks Paul. I called it the same way. It was actually painted on with thinned down JC. The cost of repair isn't more than a couple hundred, and the buyer can deal with it. I am very fortunate both of my kids are young and they still think I'm smart. It is kind of cute.[:-paperba
  2. Condo I did yesterday had some issues with the seam tape at the fire wall in the attic. I would have to say at least 40% has fallen off and it looks like it was painted on. I called it but could use some opinions on the importance of the tape. Thanks!
  3. id="black">id="black">I have been invited to share my opinion concerning Pre-listing inspection for a Hondros class. I guess I will be on a panel with some NAR lawyers and Realtors to discuss the issue. I have a skeaking suspicion that I'm the only one who would advocate. Anyway, I sure could use any insight you guys may have on the issue. Not withstanding, I already know I should run for the hills.[:-dunce] Thank you in advance.
  4. I took a mold course 3 years ago and the biologist presenting said the same thing. He mentioned that all that fuzz was doing it's job and acting like a natural filter that would grab debris as it goes by. Therefore, why mess with it? I quit the mold testing thing very shortly after that. It's too loopy, I eliminated a lot of liability and sleep much better ever since.
  5. What was the pucker factor on that one?
  6. I got hammered a few times and signed up for the Swiper- worth every penny. Now I don't even talk about the inspection until I have the money and the Agreement.
  7. Rob, Thanks! It just doesn't seem right and I made it clear to my client that I would hate this in my house. There is about 8 feet in a utility room that could be easily replaced. My main concern was the soft copper where it penetrates a block dividing wall and also the solder joints. Whether they are brazed or not I don't know but will check when I go back. Thanks again.
  8. It's 40 years old and solid as the day it was installed. I'm not gonna run around making up issues to cover my butt. Besides there were so many other problems, I noted it as questionable and recommended replacement at the earliest convenience as part of an overall updating required to this and other portions of the home.
  9. Its got 2 solder joints (probably Lead). I would guess it's at least 40 y/o and there was no gas leak ATOI. I also gave it a close look and a pull or two to see if I could make it leak.
  10. I was wondering about the corrosion but this set up is about 40 y/o with no signs of leaks or corrosion. I didn't want to get jumpy for no reason. Thanks!
  11. Just checking with you guys on personal thoughts concerning the use of 1/2 inch rolled Copper to supply Natural gas to a water heater. I've seen it before once or twice and it's used for LP.
  12. Yeah, Wick and tube weeps are to be no more than 16 IOC. Head Weeps 24 IOC. BIA Technical Info Section 7b.
  13. I got it from BIA. I'll go back and check again, but look up wick type weep holes. I don't follow the major diference either.
  14. These are at 33 inches however they are wicked and the other guy is saying that it should be 16 inches. That is correct but I was wondering if it was 33 inches 10 years ago when the house was built. If not could we just pull the wicks and call them open weeps? There is no sign of moisture problems at the sill or band in the basement or at the windows inside. Absolutely zero moisture after 10 years?
  15. They have wicks but spacing is 5 brick. It's supposed to be 16 inches. I'll check further, thank you guys. Thanks for the link Paul.
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