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  1. I require the water be on 24 hours. I Had a ceiling fall down during the night after I inspected the house. There was a small drip on a joint that was in the attic that was not accessible and dripped into the insulation and the weigh of the water in the insulation and the wet sheet rock fell during the night. Tom
  2. Thanks Mike. I have that download on my computer and keep some copies with me to give to my clients when a FPE panel is present. Scott, I know that, I just wanted some more feed back and I got it. Thanks all for your comments and feed back. Tom
  3. I need some extra information and some help on this subject. Is it still a FPE breaker panel when all the breakers in the panel are replaced with Challenger breakers? Does it or could it still have problems where the breakers make contact to the bus bar? I would think it cost more to replace the breakers then the whole panel. I still wrote it up as a FPE panel and to have it checked by an electrical contractor.
  4. Thanks all. I too have been to Mike Holts forums and some others and they all say about the same thing. Thank you all for your input. Tom
  5. Can anyone give me more information on the Zinsco breaker panels? I know they are no longer being made and should be replaced. I have searched here and googled it and I cannot find a write up like the FPE panels. I wrote it up in my report the same as I do for the FPE panel and told the buyer to have it replaced ASAP before moving in. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom
  6. I take my photos and notes and go back to the office and do my report on the computer. I go over the report with my client before I leave and ask if they have any Questions. I find I make fewer mistakes that way and not under pressure to harry up, and also have a chance to look over the photos I took. The report is made into a PDF and e-mailed to the client. I then mail a copy with the photos to the client the next day. I did the hand written on site for years and found I could not explain a problem in detail, because I did not have the space. Tom
  7. Holiday greetings to all. As the year ends, I hope you all were successful this year? I want to thank everyone for all your contribution to this website. We all learn from each other even if you don't want to admit it. Before I joined this forum, I would log onto this website just to see what was going on. I did not really have time to read every single article, but I noticed everyone was having fun even at each others expense. This is one way to let out the stress we encounter in this business, and learn from each other as well. So to all out there may you have a Merry Holiday season or whatever you celebrate this time of year and a successful 2006. Thank you Tom Rollins
  8. Thanks Mike and Richard for the information. Sorry about your little sister Mike, my condolence to you and your family. Apology accepted. I was able to obtain this information form an electrical contractor. Sorry I was not able to reply before now. Thank you both for the effect. Tom
  9. I am going to stay here in Houston. Those who left are stuck on the freeway somewhere with out gas, a bad place to be when Rita come to town for a visit. Rita is expected Sat AM. Now I am just sitting and waiting for her visit. I hope those in her path are going to be ok. It is going to be a real mess when people return to Houston and Galveston. Tom
  10. I need some help here from some wise old electrician or wise old code inspector. I need a code from the NEC that will back up my statement in my report saying: “A double wire (two wires or more under a single lug) exists within the panel on the grounded neutral conductors.â€
  11. Never seen shingle like that before and I have been doing inspection for 25+ years. From your pix they look like they are asbestos.
  12. Donald, Sorry to hear about your cousin. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Tom Rollins
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