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  1. I think I may have asked this question before, I'm not sure. I tried a search and couldn't find anything so... Is there a maximum panel height? or perhaps a max main breaker height? Inspection Saturday turned up a panel with 5' from bottom to floor, and 6'8" from main to floor. What if any is the rule/code here?
  2. Long story short, last year I performed an inspection for a guy and the payment was supposed to come out at closing. The realtor never submitted my invoice to title company and I don't get paid. I spend the next couple of months trying to get the deadbeat to pay up. No response to emails and phone calls. I want to put a lien on the property but am unsure about the logistics of the matter. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have a link to the "proper" way to install a dishwasher? pictures would be good.
  4. So I went to Amazon.com to look for electrical inspection of existing dwellings and ran across this crap! As if it's not hard enough getting people to take us seriously, we got these morons running around. http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0977476 ... eader-link
  5. looks like they cut off the corners to clear the opening a little easier, I cant see how that cut would make the legs any straighter. just a thought...
  6. I had a feeling it would be some sort of biological media. Silk was my first thought.
  7. Mike, Often times in my area as well as yours I'm sure , The 70's style "shoebox" ranch only has two gable vents. Not the best design as it only works when the wind is blowing the right direction. and as Murphy prevails it's usually not that often. As it is not always cost effective to install soffit vents or pay your local roof monkey "no offense intended, I personally am a ladder monkey myself..." to cut a bunch of holes in the rood for roof vents, it would seem that the logical and more cost effective solution would be to install a vent fan with a humidistat or thermostat. Charlie, If I'm understanding your statement correctly, by media you mean the stuff that triggers the switch like mercury in old therms? than I have no idea. what is it?
  8. Attic fan. thermostat or humidistat? I have never seen an attic fan installed in this area, however Heat is not so much the issue is it? I would think that humidity and moisture is more the issue. any thoughts?
  9. Minor drift but... In MO you do mot have to have a license to be a contractor, no big news to a lot of us, however you should see the look on John Q's face when i tell them that in MO I have to be licensed to cut your hair, but not to build your next home. Until contractors have to get licensed, HI's probably wont either.
  10. We do have access in a way. (www.realtor.com) is very current. In Joplin we have the OGAR mls. (www.jbor.net), which is as close to the realtor's MLS as you can get. It has all of the same info as the realtors MLS except the "MLS only" remarks
  11. I look forward to it. maybe now "we" (the good inspectors) will get a fair shot at the market. As I am in the process of selling our home, we recently had one of our local referred inspectors inspect my home. It didn't take him long to figure out that I am also a HI. He proceeded to tell me how he already had 7 inspections lined up for the week, It was only Monday. I think I would soil myself if I got 10 inspections in a month! Oh and that thing he called a report? what a freakin joke! I can definitely see why he gets so many referrals. I am sick of the crooks getting all of the work. while the honest, knowledgeable inspectors take it in the ....
  12. I found this on a brand new home yesterday. I have never seen this before!. IT was only in the garage, above grade. The rest of the home was treated dimensional. Is this stuff approved for this application?
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