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  1. I drive 98 Toyota Tacoma xcab Prerunner 4 popper with a topper and ladder rack. I keep my ladders,tool bag dry and clean this way. I get 17-18mpg. which isn't great. I have put on 130,000 miles with very little troubles. It still looks great and rides just fine. What else needs to be said but it was paid for even before I became an inspector.
  2. Question then. Here in Fl. the GC states a home inspector needs to have workers comp. to be able to go on the property that his co. still owns untill it is signed to the new owner. Here in Fl. we are not required to have workers comp. as a single employee co.
  3. I need to know where the best courses are for WDO inspection in the state of Fl. I'm loosing clients due to the fact I do not do WDO inspections along with my home inspections. Help please.
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