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  1. http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/spectoscope.aspx
  2. Any other questions for me? Something other than this patent topic?
  3. If I'm ultimately the sole owner of the patents, this won't be an issue. Actually, the validity of the patents is not an issue at all. A specific, unique process can be patented. One of InterNACHI's full-time technical document translators is a patent attorney. She works for us. The patents are valid and have already been awarded. It's the defense costs to the individual inspector who has to prove in court that he/she isn't using the patented process that is the issue. Ask any E&O insurance company... defense costs, not claim merit, is the issue. Anyway, as a plan B, I've underwrit
  4. I don't know. By the time a coalition forms, Home Safe may no longer own the patents. Although it's unlike InterNACHI to remain neutral in a fight... this whole thing is currently a non-issue for InterNACHI members.
  5. Bill Loden writes: No, you broke the agreement with your press release. With the exception of taking the immediate action I told you I had to take to help my member (not yours) who had been sued personally, who had a home that was at risk, who publicly explained he could not financially afford to fight, who asked for my help, and who was required by the court to file a response quickly... I did nothing but work on my own IR patent application. I have experience writing standards (see www.nachi.org/comsop I am the lead author of that standard) and experience with the U.S. Patent and Trademar
  6. I'm not sure which questions are for me. If you have a question for me, start the question with my name so that I know that I am to answer. I think this one is meant for me: Because there is no coalition and my attempts to form one failed. For example, I asked ASHI if they would help and they turned me down explaining that they couldn't even commit $1,000 toward it because they have a 21-member board of directors that has to approve everything. Both major manufacturers turned me down too. So, I had to go it alone.
  7. Scott Patterson asks: With regard to your first question, I took actions to accomplish three goals: The first was to have the lawsuit against the inspector withdrawn. I achieved that goal just in time on the morning the inspector's response was due to be filed. I believe I had 6 hours left before he could potentially have lost by default. The next concern was to protect my members from immediate subsequent lawsuits and legal threats. I was able to achieve that goal, at least for now. The last goal was to provide a safe haven for all inspectors, not just InterNACHI members. When Bill Loud
  8. No sooner does Kurt throw down his "cut and run" insult... he ends up having to unexpectedly leave the forum for a week. That's the trouble with assuming I "cut and run" (Kurt's words, not mine) just because I couldn't get over here immediately. Sometimes other things in life take priority. Anyway, I'll return in a week to answer any questions. Thanks.
  9. Yep. I accepted his challenge and his terms and he ran out of the ring. In a puff of smoke, Kurt was gone.
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