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  1. Yeah kurt, Am agree with you about fixing the water leak problem before mold clean up.Thanks!!
  2. White 1'' pleated filters are bad, white 4" pleated filters are good. Myths are usually discussed in the ARP section.
  3. Hi, Pleated air filters are the best choice, because these are more effective than electrostatic filters. Generally, Pleated filters have an average efficiency of 25-30. Pleated furnace filters include cotton, synthetic and polyester material for filtration. Some pleated filters contain charcoal or carbon to help eliminate odors in addition to filtering dust and impurities. 1 Inch pleated filters effectively remove pollen, dust, pet dander and dust mites for circulated indoor air. Thanks!!!!!!!
  4. From my opinion, If a heating system is too weak or too powerful for the size of the house won't run properly and make the home uncomfortable. So I will suggest you to concerned with a contractor, he can calculate the actual capacity needed based on industry standards.
  5. Hi Amycampbell3, Run a HEPA air purifier to capture mold spores that have become airborne. HEPA air purifier is an effective solution. Place the air purifier in the room, where you believe the mold is growing. It will capture 99.9% of the entire airborne mold which passes through its filters. Hope this solution will be helpful for you. Thanks!!!!
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