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  1. Stripe is a good alternative to SquarePay and they pay promptly with low fees in my experience. there is no fancy card reader so you have to enter the card details which is one downside... its pretty bare bones but works well.
  2. I would also hope that your customers are educated enough to differentiate between a real review and a fake review by a non existent person. I generally look at the profile or at least the picture and location of the reviewer to tell if it is legitimate. There is a lot of false info out there and some people surely write their own 5 star reviews. I have even heard of restaurants leaving bad reviews for their competition, but hopefully that is not the case here... Good luck with it
  3. You should search your company on Google and see what comes up first in the results. Put your energy towards those channels like Google reviews, yelp, or whatever it is that comes up... The more reviews on those sites, the more likely a potential customer will stumble upon those reviews before FB. I would agree that FB reviews hold little weight at this time, but not to say that won't change in future...
  4. Also if anyone needs help with sites or has hosting questions I'm happy to help!
  5. Hi Everyone, This is my first post As a former website designer and web host I can say that most of the hosting services are more or less equal. Where they differ is in customer service. I use NameCheap hosting since they offer free ongoing support via live chat, and are always super helpful and prompt to respond. I would look for a host that you can contact quickly and easily when problems arise (and they always do). As an individual you are going to be using a shared server most places you go, and thats fine for your HI needs. Don't get sucked into paying for any fancy website builders or add-ons if you don't know what they do or how they work. You will spend a lot of time and ultimately get frustrated (in my experience). A good hosting package should run no more than $75/yr. I have used Wordpress to build a number of sites and it is easy to understand and simple to use as a 'noob'. If your looking to build your first site I would suggest this route. With so many templates available for free, it is easy to find something that suits you and gets your info out there to the world. There are other great tools out there, but in my experience 'site building' services are only out to take your money and run. You are better off spending your money with a proper web designer, than paying $39.95/mo. in perpetuity. I really believe simple is better with this stuff, and you don't need to spend a fortune (under $500) to have a professional looking site that will last a while. Cheers!
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