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  1. I stand corrected, yes the resolution is the same. Probably doesn't matter what we buy anyway because we'll always want the newest one. Erol Kartal
  2. Pretty cool camera. However the B2 comes with a wide angle lense (you get to choose from 3 sizes) and has twice the resolution. Two big differences. Erol Kartal
  3. Hi Dan, I also had problem getting in contact with someone at FLIR which is why I went to PE for the purchase. I've talked with many B and B2 camera owners that are very pleased with the products. There's always going to be problems with some of the cameras regardless of the manufacturer. Just like a new car, you never know. Erol K.
  4. Kurt, The $9,950 B2 has exactly twice the resolution of the $6,750 models. No sales tax when purchaed from PE whereas FLIR said they do charge. FLIR is having a one day seminar for home inspectors and a three day building science seminar in Oakbrook end of February. I'll be at the three day with my B2 in a Brink's truck. Erol Kartal
  5. Hi Mike, That's what I assumed you meant when you said: "Don't buy inbound links add them to your posts!" Erol
  6. PPC can be very effective if you know what you're doing. Real estate related web sites are the most competitive of any industry. The most popular keywords can cost up to $2.50 per click. Target less popular (but still decent) keywords or you'll spend a fortune. You must be able to write very effective Google Ads or viewers will pass you by. Erol Kartal ProInspect
  7. Hi Mike, I was referring to buying quality one way links for a web site. No reciprocal cheap stuff. My wife has several for a small biz site with a page rank of 7 that has helped generate a tremendous amount of traffic and sales. I wouldn't even think of buying a link and adding to a web forum post. Erol Kartal ProInspect
  8. Many home sellers no longer need to call for a 'free market analysis' either. www.electronicappraiser.com Erol Kartal ProInspect
  9. I agree that quality, relevant inbound links are the best way to drive traffic to a site. Mike wouldn't you also agree that a web a site with well placed keywords and relevant text content is just as important as inbound links if not more? I'm also under the impression that buying inbound links can be expensive. Your thoughts please. Randy, the SEO outfit you have hired should be providing you with keyword analysis reports and other documentation to account for their charges. I have no idea who you are using, but let me just say from experience..be very careful . Erol Kartal ProInspect
  10. Carl I know of some good ones but they're expensive. Here's a mortgage related freebie. www.bankrate.com. You'll have to search around for the sign up page. Erol Kartal ProInspect
  11. Besides the extreme danger that has been addressed, there is no such thing (in the eye's of a competent appraiser anyway) of a bedroom below grade level - safety issue or not. Got to love those agent listing sheets.
  12. *Guess what Mrs. Buyer? That's not a bedroom*
  13. Thanks for the tips guys. Bill, Any particular IC model? Thanks
  14. Any of you guys and gals use a voice recorder instead of handwritten notes or a PDA? I'm not referring to voice recognition software. Thanks Erol Kartal ProInspect
  15. Kurt was there even the slightest bit of ventilation in that attic? Erol Kartal ProInspect
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