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  1. Curiously enough, I had a long discussion with my general manager this morning about this exact thing. His kid is starting 2nd year and working at our plant for the summer. I'm probably a bit younger than some of you, but what I'm seeing post graduation is that a business degree appears absolutely worthless. Sure, you might get hired on at an entry level position and find a way to work your ass off and up to middle management in 7-10 years, defaulting on your school loans all along the way. Or you can wait tables or bartend. I know no less than 10 people w/ MBAs doing that presently. The upper level positions are a white buffalo and usually filled by a guy in the same position from another company. And as we all know, the real world seems to operate on much different principles than the University. Same goes with Building Construction. If he wants to make the best use of a course like that, get on at a jobsite while in school. Things make much more sense. There seems to be a huge movement in environmental testing and air quality. Migh be a good niche to specialize in.
  2. In my market new builds have fallen off very dramatically over the last year. I see and feel it first hand cause I build(design) a majority of the customs. It seems foreclosures are on the rise. All those Baloon payments are coming due that were set up in the last 10 years and were rather popular. I think we may have a sticky situation in the coming years. Look for lots more houses on the market for unfortunate reasons.
  3. Look into becoming a registered Architect. Residential houses you can charge amazing fees, be 100% wrong all the time and not be held accountable. It's a great gig. There's a title block on nearly every print I see. "XYZ Architects assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this print."
  4. ^^^point taken. And thanks Chris. I appreciate the help. I'll get one to you later this week. I actually have to put a new one together. Everyone in my current field knows who I am. I haven't used a resume in 4 jobs.
  5. Thanks a lot guys. That's all great advice. I think you're all right about starting out with someone else. Even if I get the actual inspection stuff down, I haven't ran a business. Ezra, I will do just that.
  6. Yeah, I know, but I'm still aware of my weak areas and $7000+ is not in my pocket for an ITA course and E&O right now. I've been considering using one of the franchises to my advantage at last resort, which may not be a disadvantage in the long run.
  7. Anyone in need of a newbie HI with a very strong structural, truss, floor, basement background? Need some training in electrical. Looks like my truss company is shutting down before I'm ready to get myself underway. (kind of why I've been absent for a few weeks)Ugh. I hate being in this position.
  8. Well, one advantage it does offer is that you don't have to buy 2 seperate systems now. As you're all aware, no HI software in Mac exists, so the only option for Mac users is to buy another computer just for the HI software.
  9. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2006/ap ... tcamp.html Just anounced by Apple, Bootcamp. A program running in OSX that allows the new IntelMacs to partition their HD and boot in either OSX OR Windows. This is not Virtual PC, it actually installs XP. Start-up disc required. Apple stock surged over 8% 10 min. after the announcement.
  10. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11732808/ $600-$700 price point might make sell me after Vista is released. If anyone picks one up before then, let me know what you think.
  11. Honestly, I'd like to see the roof dm'd and replaced rather than built over. It's hard to tell what lies under that wet skin. Bite the bullet, redo the roof and avoid any problems associated with it in the future.
  12. I think I have mentioned this before. You all know I'm a truss designer right now. I swear I have at least 1 guy "burn in" off a roof a month, be it installation, repair or maintenance. Watch yourselves, please. Jeff
  13. That's a very good point guys. A "Flipper" is probably an immediate red flag.
  14. If you guys don't have this reference book already, I'd highly suggest picking one up. It's very helpfull determining if construction lumber is over-spanned. It's charts span lengths fro rafters, ceiling joists, and 2x floors and balconies for US and Canadian species for different loading. You can pick one up here https://secure.cwc.ca/cwc.ca/ecommerce/ or probably at any major construction trade show. Very handy little book.There is also a canadian Span Book for our northern friends.
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