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  1. I admit I didn't think my request through but I work pretty much 7 days a week and have little extra time to spend online. My bad an I'm sorry if I offended anyone! As for the personal attack Chad, I feel sorry for you. You obviously have too much time on your hands!!
  2. Got a question for all you Florida inspectors who do wind mitigation inspections. I've been getting a lot of rejections of the secondary water resistant barrier credit folks should be receiving because I cannot provide photo's. (this barrier is as we all know is under the roof material whether it be shingle, tile, metal etc... and we cannot remove this material for obvious reasons) Florida Building Code 611.7.2 effective October 1, 2007 started requiring this barrier and insurance companies are rejecting without photo's which cannot be taken. (9 times out of ten by Citizens Insurance Which is
  3. Wow, I had no idea I was opening up such a bag of worms!! We can debate whether ASHI or anyone else requires reporting these or not, a qualified honest inspector will do the right thing and let the folks know these panels are dangerous and need to be changed out. In the state of Florida most if not all insurance company's will not bind a policy if one of these panels are present unless they are presented with a contract and permit number from a licensed electrical contractor for a change out. This must be completed within 30 days or they will cancel the policy.
  4. I know they were not reported because I ask the folks if they had a home inspection when they bought the house and if the panel was called out in the report. These are all recent purchases.
  5. I sure do. What's sad about it is they cannot get insurance with these panels and are facing a change out cost of 12 - 15 hundred dollars they didn't expect. I haven't run into any yet with aluminum wiring but it's only a matter of time. Amazing these guys are getting away with this!!!!!!
  6. I do a lot of insurance inspections (as well as standard home inspections) here in Florida where older homes require a 4 point inspection and basically all require a wind mitigation. Most of these are performed for owners renewing their policy or looking for a better rate with another company. Recently I have been getting a great deal of 4 point inspection orders from folks who recently purchased and had a full home inspection. Though I don't have a problem getting orders for insurance inspections that should have been completed along with the home inspection (more cash in my pocket) what I ca
  7. Has anyone used this service? I gave it a shot, 20 quote later no results!
  8. Aadvantage Home Inspection Services Inc. Bradenton Fl 941-255-9234 239-340-3034 (cell)
  9. He makes his money charging you 80-90 bucks for a back ground check I'm sure he never does. You'll see his ads in every newspaper and Craigslist. I fell for it a couple years ago. Mike Reid Aadvantage Home Inspection Services Inc.
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