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  1. Les - lol , to your last comment. It was built in like 2005 I can't exactly recall.
  2. 2 million , 100k per case & aggregate. (If you are wondering why so high, Some Companies I inspect for require 2 mil.... ) I don't really know why they did, they wouldn't really explain stangly.
  3. Y'all really don't know?! I know it happened in like 20 something states... It is from Chinese Drywall! Just don't see it as much because most people repair the issue and obviously they don't use it anymore...
  4. Soo I have had E & O insurance in the state of Texas for a couple years with the company Superior. Couple years back I had a lady that sued me, insurance company, builder, anyone involved... Wanted 3 million for 100k home, I noted everything needed about foundation and she thought I was a fortune teller gypsy who could see the future. She got nothing from basically anyone, except superior paid like 17k for whatever reason but it was not on my behalf. So on my renewal application they added into it a note about that situation, my yearly dues were still at around 950$ but my deductible went from 2,500 to 5000 mandatory.. I'm just curious what other people pay on average and what deductible they have for that price range, from what I've read the average for established inspectors is around 1000-1500, just don't know deductible. Thanks!
  5. Well several different photos all having one explanation and turning copper lines black or corroding them should help narrow it down quite a bit!
  6. I have no earthly idea of what could be causing this ?!?! (Just Kidding obviously..!!) Just thought it had been awhile since I had seen a house with this issue, what about you?? Click to Enlarge 28.4 KB Click to Enlarge 36.48 KB Click to Enlarge 42.35 KB Click to Enlarge 29.97 KB Click to Enlarge 85.95 KB Click to Enlarge 53.47 KB
  7. It was a joke! It's a house on my street doing a complete demo. Just thought it looked cool.
  8. When the client says they hired the wrong remodeling company .... [:-bigeyes Click to Enlarge 87.71 KB Click to Enlarge 87.07 KB
  9. I was just curious seeing how I'm not usually around my computer too much and would like to read and post on the go. Also it doesn't cost that much to design an app if you do it your self!
  10. Honestly that's a good question because I was thinking the same he has a 150 main service breaker out side, square d 40 slot box up stairs and it looked it up and couldn't find max amps because he has like 450 already in use (boat lift, underwater lights, etc. ) , but yeah I was just curious because I thought I read somewhere that in Texas the homeowner was allowed to make changes like that and it still be covered since it's his house. But yes, he's definitely going to have an electrician do it I was just curious! Basically run a 50 amp from breaker box to small sub panel by hot tub with 50 amp arc fault breaker.
  11. Why does IJ not have an app? I really can only read and post on my compiter. Feel like it would be much easier on an app ! Or maybe I just can't find it?
  12. He does have neat mortar lines and it looks like he's using a plumb line, got to give him credit lol (If it was real, I know) , and if he's going to start anywhere building a wall it will be in my backyard. Good thing is the Great wall of China took like 300 years to complete and spanned 5500 miles or something like that, the Chinese move a lot faster than Americans' I figure it would take us some where around 2000 years to complete! hah Speaking of new walls! Thought I would include my new fence I just put up. Click to Enlarge 52.11 KB Click to Enlarge 65.59 KB
  13. So my buddy just got a hot tub for his bay house in Bayou Vista (gulf coast near Galveston). He needs a 50 amp breaker ran to it for power. His main service disconnect is located outside and downstairs seeing how his house starts on the second level since he lives on the water. His main breaker panel is in his master bedroom though? Im curious if there is a stipulation that allows for it to be in a master bedroom if they are close enough to the water? Also his main service disconnect is only 50 feet from the hot tub instead of the main breaker being 300 ft after all the twists and turns. I know you aren't supposed to double lug the main supply technically, but couldn't he do it since it is his house? And I guess the only other option is to go up through the attic and out the side of the house and back down, or go down and have to remove sheetrock and drill through sole plate into the garage and out the garage wall.?? His whole downstairs is covered by the house obviously... and is concreted only a garage , kinda like the neighbor in the photo but more open. Sorry should have taken more photos. tried to google map it to show you an idea and the house isn't even there yet lol Click to Enlarge 2179.5 KB Click to Enlarge 40.92 KB
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