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  1. Aussie Toilet has dual flush, one button for #1 and one for #2. I think it's called the Caroma. It's huge in Europe. I read it in a highly recommended book called "flushed, a history of plumbing". Roger H
  2. Anything that centered on the faucet must have been a marvel of what we call "Yankee Engineering". Someone had a wife as meticulous as mine and needed a place to clean his boots. RDH
  3. "True! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses – not destroyed – not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily – how calmly I can tell you the whole story." Recognize the quote - anyone? One of my favorites, reminds me of my day today. Took a little stealth & diversion to get this pic - Jack Bower would be proud. The outlet had a bulb. I plugged in a light, ringed the doorbell, nothing to report. The house had previously been lived in by an elderly man who had a hearing problem. I took a couple of pics, this was the only clear one in the batch. I have to go now - 24 is starting (season finale) - priorities. RDH Download Attachment: MysteryOutlet.jpg 41.33 KB
  4. Just got a call from him, he wants me to come back on Monday AM to do some heavy lifting. I will remove the cover & take a pic. Might even get in the attic & see if tracing is possible. Funny, I thought this post was dead-in-the-water after the first couple of posts. Thx for all responses - til Monday PM.
  5. I'd recommend a compression tee valve replace the saddle. Performs the same function & is code compliant.
  6. Jim, I did not push, I was helping my Grandfather today & he asked me not to touch it. He didn't want something somewhere to go awry. I told him I'd post & let him know. BTW it doesn't push, it twists on / off. RDH
  7. What is this? Please help. House constructed in 1969. Download Attachment: HI 082.jpg 80.04 KB Download Attachment: HI 083.jpg 89.07 KB
  8. Hello all, I understand all the issues regarding FP Breaker Panels (loose bus conn.'s, CB's failure to retrip, slim panel width prone to overcrowding, FP falsifying data), but I came across an older panel w/fuses & realized that I hadn't really come across anything in my readings. How should these be addressed? Aside from being outdated (by modern standards) and from FP. Thx in advance. Download Attachment: FP Panel_Fuses_1.jpg 183.74 KB Download Attachment: FP Panel_Fuses_2.jpg 155.97 KB
  9. Thanks for all the responses. My next question would be for the code gurus. Does the code address this issue? RDH Quote: By misfortune was my life prolonged, so that I may tell sad stories of my own mishaps. - Silas Marner
  10. I found this on the manufacturers website. I don't know if the practice of creating a chase is actually practiced, but it does seem to be preferred/recommended below the roofline. http://www.selkirkcanada.com/products/v ... 202004.pdf Download Attachment: Ext_MChimney_3.jpg 64.55 KB
  11. My question is how to tell if an exterior metal chimney is rated for exterior use. I am new to the field & during my training came across this one. Would the info typically be included w/the other stamped info? This was a waterfront home built in the 1950's. Also, are there any restrictions as to the proximity of this type of chimney & a deck. RDH Download Attachment: Ext_MChimney_1.jpg 321.07 KB Download Attachment: Ext_MChimney_2.jpg 140.28 KB
  12. I never imagined I'd ever see something like this. Just imagine my surprise as I pulled back the curtain to reveal this. This was definitely an accident waiting to happen. RDH Quote: A man who has nothing to fear from the truth, has nothing to fear from lies. Download Attachment: Int_SunkenBath.jpg 180.51 KB Download Attachment: Int_SunkenBath2.jpg 228.38 KB
  13. Thx for the info - cleared it up for me.
  14. I've been on a few inspections now and I've come across this system on a couple of occasions. The valve to drain the boiler is at the bottom of the unit about 2" or so above the floor. It is probably not a concern but looks a little cumbersome so low to the floor. I suppose draining is usually done with a hose hookup so this is a non-issue.
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