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  1. We don't have cable and recently got a digital box for the TV. The sub-channels are handy and the 24-hour weather is nice.
  2. can anyone recomend an agent/insurance carrier for E&O nsurance in the Raleigh area
  3. As Springsteen wrote in "Terry's Song": And I know you'll take comfort in knowin' You've been roundly blessed and cursed
  4. Today show just had a piece about deck safety. Covered safety issues such as using nails to attach to ledger board instead of lag screws and the importance of using screws. Featured Frank Lesh
  5. That's a special, fancy dedicated TPR discharge tube. I see them all the time on manufactured home water heaters. They come with the galvanized fitting at one end. Jodi, PEX is the standard plumbing pipe in new construction out here. Has been for quite some time. It works great. Image Insert: 40.2 KB Image Insert: 33.93 KB - Jim Katen, Oregon It appears that the end of the TRP tube is blocked by some insulation material
  6. Ever do any inspections in Cabrini-Green or Robert Taylor homes? []
  7. As Don Vito Corleone told Johnny Fontaine... YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!!id="size6">
  8. as my Wife just said, "Bulldog?!? He sounds more like a lapdog!"
  9. Peggy did say the inspector had killed two of her deals. Hank doctored his house to look as though it hadn't been maintained so the inspector would 'fail' it and make the buyers back out of the deal. After that happened the inspector told Hank that he must be a master craftsman to make such a well maintained house look so bad.
  10. thank you for mentioning that. I'll bet it's quite common
  11. Peggy sold the Hill house in a frenzy and Hank had to make it look bad so it would fail the inspection and the seller would back out of the deal. darn funny
  12. Download Attachment: EvaporativeCooler.jpg 120.93 KB
  13. What type of business organization do you use (eg. incorporated, llc, or s corporation, or other) and why? Thanks for the assistance
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