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  1. Marc, For some reason I can not get the link to open. Says it cannot be found. Thanks to everyone that posted.
  2. It has been a while since I inspected an mobile home. The ones I have inspected are older ones. I inspected a 2010 model Saturday and there where no AFCI's in it. I know they are built by other guide lines but I thought they had to meet the National code. Where can I go to, to find out about this. Thanks for your help.
  3. He is growing. He is in day care. Aiden is still a good boy and I hope he stays that way.
  4. Last part of last year was very slow for me. When back to work for the HVAC company I worked for before. Then I started getting calls and had to turn down inspections. At this time I doing 4 inspection a week on top of working a full time job, play with my son and trying to keep my wife happy. All of this is wearing this old man out. Since most of the home I inspected is crap.
  5. Looks like a few around here. You can keep it.[:-dev3]
  6. We had a little snown Stayed in spots for two days.
  7. I found an set up in the back side of an crawlspace. Had black plastic installed around lights and there was an water hose run into the lighted area. Shown the photo to my client who was a policemen. He called it in. No one lived in the house.
  8. It was Burt Reynolds. Part of the movie was shot here in Tuscaloosa.
  9. No fitting on top and the cables are not secured. Click to Enlarge 57.3 KB
  10. Merry Christmas to the whole bunch of you and to a better New year.
  11. I open all the panel I can. Got to see if anything is wrong with it on the inside. This was done in 2005 by one of the bigger companies in the area.
  12. Hi Robert, It is part of Lake Tuscaloosa
  13. Click to Enlarge 44.16 KB Click to Enlarge 62.96 KB Click to Enlarge 81.52 KB I wonder how much time will be needed to fix this.
  14. From Wednesday afternoon inspection Click to Enlarge 70.61 KB Click to Enlarge 51.71 KB
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