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  1. No one here extends the starter or shingles over the edge by any more than maybe an 1/8th of an inch if at all. Usually the end right at the edge of the drip edge. In fact I have seen other inspectors report negatvely about doing so, why I have no idea.
  2. What is the purpose of this already deteriorating plastic sheeting on a wood foundation? Should a wood foundation just be left exposed like this on the exterior? ps... we dont have termites or ants here so pests arent a problem. thanks
  3. This house is new construction..Usually I see shingles installed to the edge of the starter course... This one is about a half inch short... Is this ok? If not, why? There was also some wavyness at the edge as you can see by pic 2. I could not see or feel anything under the shingles..any suggestions? Thanks Click to Enlarge 56.51 KB Click to Enlarge 45.32 KB
  4. Jeez Mike.... I missed that ... Never seen a control setup like this one. Thank you for pointing it out!
  5. Yes it fired up just fine when I used the thermostat on the unit...
  6. Does anyone know what this red light that was blinking on this Richmond water heater is for? It says FR below the red light... Its a 2004 water heater with a powered exhuast. Thanks Download Attachment: jodi cam 252.jpg 215.87 KB
  7. I just want confirmation for my thoughts here. The ground for the main panel is attached to the closest water line about 6 feet from the water meter. There is no jumper at the meter becuase the main supply line is PVC.. so the ground should be attached somewhere else since the ground cant actually get to the "ground" right? thanks
  8. Is it acceptable to use a copper flex line at hte gas supply for the water heater? Since it has no drip leg how does this affect the unit? Thank you
  9. jodil

    Ice Dam Photos

    Remeber my post on my ice dams this winter? Well a little follow up... Someone on here recommended putting ice melter in the nyons (pantyhose) and placing on the ice dams... Well this didnt really work, but what it DID do was peel all the paint off my gutters and pretty much shatter my concrete patio under the gutters. A concrete guy came out and said that all the shale in the concrete popped (exploded) because of the salty water that was dripped all over it... Now my patio looks like a sledge hammer was taken to it... I have a 6k insurance claim so I am going to look into this ventilation system you recommended and add better insulation... Pantyhose are never a good idea...
  10. I came across a Fed Pac FUSE panel yesterday... first one Ive ever seen... Obviously its not the Stablock breaker issues... Anyone heard of any issues with the fuse panels? Thanks
  11. Do the same height requirements for SEC wiring apply to garage supply lines? These wires are a little over 7 feet high hanging over the back yard supplying power to garage... Click to Enlarge 66.63 KB
  12. A master eletrician lives in this house and insists this is ok... 100amp Square D, taps off top lugs feed single breaker sub below.. His rationale he shoved down my throat was that 1. Its ok cuz its a Square D 2. The feed has to come from somewhere (haha that makes me LOL) Your thoughts? Click to Enlarge 71.63 KB Click to Enlarge 118.48 KB
  13. No.. again there is NO grill on the door and i didnt see a problem with that because of the electric furnace. And one of our biggest HVAC Co.s here installed this furnace, their install tag is still on the front. Yes, lots of shady workmanship up here. Makes for a very interesting learning experience...
  14. Got it.. Thank you. I was just wanting to help out these people as they are friends of mine, but I get all your points. I will state the obvious and thats all... Sometimes I guess I just need that reminder.
  15. No there is no grill.. Its a solid door. Why would there need to be?
  16. Becuase I know both buyer and seller and both are barely scraping by the get in and out of this house and the buyer wants to just make them safe but cannot afford to rebuild.
  17. No there is no cut out access. The bottom of the furnace is cut out and there is a filter installed at the very bottom. The furnace has legs to allow the bottom of the furnace to be elevated and draw air from the closet where the return ends. I shut the door (which is solid) and felt the suction from outside the closet. It just didnt look right to me.
  18. These stairs are spongy and weak even under 100 lbs of weight..They are constructed of very thin (maybe 1/4 inch?) plywood style material? What should I suggest be done about this without rebuilding them? Click to Enlarge 67.89 KB
  19. Maybe this is a normal design but i have not seen it and wanted yalls feedback.. 1989 electric furnace in a tiny basement closet. Return on the left is not connected to the furnace, filter is located at hte bottom of the furnace.The entire house (including inside the electrical panel) has excessive dust everywhere and the furnace closet area was very dirty... The owners could just be pigs, I dont know... Any thoughts? Click to Enlarge 100.98 KB
  20. Thank you... That was my arguement... The builder himself lives in the house and all his wives clothes were packed in next to a hot pipe.. I just dont think its safe. Thanks
  21. Arguing with the builder on a double wall steel flue that enters the master bedroom closet, closet shelf cut around the flue and touches it (particle board) clothes are up against the flue... Whats the rule. I know I should know this but sorry..brain is overloaded with ice dam info ...thats why I have you Thanks
  22. Having a disagreement with a builder about pulling combustion air from the attic.. He says its fine I say no. The home has the paper like blown insulation thats very linty. I would not want that being sucked in by my furnace... Whats your opinion? Thanks
  23. Well good and bad news. First off the ice melt in a pantyhose only worked on the ice that was a couple of inches.. The ice in and above my gutters was apprx. 18 inches thick... After shoveling TWICE, using a hammer to bash a 12 ft by 15 ft sheet of ice off, using a blow torch and a blow dryer, and pouring 80 lbs of ice melt on the gutter ice it finally cleared... After that I went to Minneapolis for some R & R and shopping to come back to another foot of snow, 22 below zero and my gutters had fallen off, and my ceiling in the dining room looking like a big blister hanging down. PLUS there were stains all over my bedroom ceiling (upstairs) went into the attic and it was 60 degrees, blown in insulation was SOAKED walls and roof decking were dripping and it was 85% humidity. We have ONE home improvement store here, there is still no heat tape, no powered attic fans.Not even shovels!!!.arggh... So I still had the old blower from my furnace and mounted it to the roof decking where a roof vent is and dragged a dehumidifer up and ran it for a week.. I also installed 2 gable vents...Homeowners insurance paid out 6k...thats a plus I guess. Heres some pics of the events... http://www.rockyou.com/show_my_gallery. ... =131546418
  24. High Style... haha.. Houses are cheap up here where it is 60 below zero... my house was a little over 100k ... not a bad deal for 4000 sq ft!!! I went to every store in town and no one has any heat tape, ice melter left or face masks...wtf? As if the snow, ice and frigid temps are a surprise? I have a plan... stay tuned.. I will post my results this evening... ps... my roofer is an effing idiot.. called him today.. he said he covered he soffit vents cuz they are necessary, that ice shield layer is the newest technology and wasnt around in 2006, and its just because we there is 4 feet of snow on my roof that theres water coming in (and now I have a water stain and wet drywall.) arrrggghhh...
  25. What do you mean Les a HI should not live in a house like that?
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