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  1. Striated cedar shingles. Very common here as well.
  2. Fascia & trim are all abuzz with wood borer bees. Client has had Terminex out twice without much improvement. Any remedies that actually work?
  3. Need help dating a Luxaire condenser: model #HABC-F048SD. My Preston's only goes to '95 & I don't see any HABC's. Thanks in advance.
  4. czarcone

    Repco Info

    Yesterday's home had a Repco, gas fired boiler - approx. 20 years old. Unit was in good condition & operated satisfactorily. As this is the first Repco I have ever seen, I attempted some web searches. Very limited info, which I have assumed to mean they are no longer in the boiler business. Does anyone know anything regarding quality, reliability, documented problems, etc.? Appreciate any info, thanks.
  5. Sorry for not elaborating Mike. It's very typical here to find an oil-fired boiler in a basement with drywall covering an area of exposed floor joists directly above the boiler. Maybe just a regional trade practice?
  6. Just curious about the recommendation for a fire resistant material installed on the exposed wood members above a heating system. Seems like a good idea, but does it have any code roots? Is it a typical manufacturer’s requirement? Can anyone shed any light on it’s history?
  7. I would like to attend a commercial inspection course and was wondering if anyone could provide opinions/discussion regarding the courses offered by Carson Dunlop and ITA. As both are 3 days and are equal to roughly the same number of MRC's, I was curious about the difference in price ($1700. vs. $700.) and assumed difference in quality. Anyone with first hand knowledge? Thanks.
  8. After checking several manufacturers installation instructions, it seems that the 30" vertical clearance applies to both gas & electric.
  9. Thanks. I read that too, which led to my post. Any other opinions?
  10. Wondering if clearance to combustibles above an electric range/cooktop is the same as requirement above a gas range/cooktop?
  11. Don't be too impressed, the Maxtor software steps you through a utility to set up the scripts. I'm still wondering why most programs can generate and open a window to tell you there's a fault, but can't tell you what to do about it!
  12. I purchased the 120 because the price was relatively low, we have other computers and I was hoping to put off the the point at which the Maxtor would become obsolete. With my luck, if I got one of smaller capacity, my next computer would have a hard drive 1Gig larger than the Maxtor. Get the biggest you can afford.
  13. Norm, I bought the 120 Gig back in Jan. - about $170. after rebate. I connected with the USB cable. Installation is very easy and took only 15 minutes. You can back up files and folders by just pushing the button or, as I have done, create a script to automatically back up your entire system at a particular time and day each week. Very easy to sleep at night knowing disaster recovery is sitting on my desk.
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