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  1. Thanks for elaborating on the history of Housemaster. I haven't read any articles on the Herner vs. Housemaster case and really don't care to. Like I said, we don't suck up, market, make sales calls, or pay any special attention to re-litters in any way, shape or form. If I have a long term relationship with high quality realtors who are dedicated to protecting their (our) client's interests regarding the purchase of a home, then we and the realtor have something in common. I will, and have on a number of occasions, do something special for them like comping them on the inspection of their own, personal domicile; discounting an inspection for one of their relatives, etc. After 10 or more years in the business I have a very small cadre of such realtors, perhaps a dozen. By the way, if there are any home inspectors in the Chicagoland area who are truly at the top of their game and looking for work, we may have an opportunity for you. Drop a line.
  2. Maybe I missed something but I didn't see anything in the article that was damning to the Housemaster franchisee. I don't market to R.E. agents in any way, shape, or form; but I hold nothing against those who do, providing it's done within the guidelines of common sense, business ethics, etc. Why is it wrong to pay sales calls to R.E. brokers, agents, etc.? I can see why it might be a prime source of business to a newly minted HI. Should we look down our noses at those who take this path?
  3. CIS Group seeks Certified Thermal Imaging Inspectors The CIS Group is a full service survey company headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX. We have completed more than 9 million personal and commercial lines surveys for the P&C Insurance industry since 1996. We are currently seeking home inspectors with Thermal Imaging certification in the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas for a large residential inspection project slated to start April 29, 2009. While not as detailed as a true Home Inspection, these inspections will include exterior/interior observations and photographs along with interior thermal scans and photographs. Please contact Chris Long, Project Manager, for full details, requirements, fees, etc. clong@cisgroup.net 303-642-3033 Cisgroup.net
  4. You might want to give Mark Jansen with Energy Efficient Homes Midwest a call. I took his class in Indy a few weeks ago. He's been in the biz for decades and has trained hundreds of raters. http://www.eehmidwest.com/Energy_Effici ... /Home.html
  5. You're welcome to use any part of my agreement. You can download it from my website. I've done a lot of inspections for lawyers and have had pretty positive feedback on it. Dan
  6. download Technical Notes #7 from www.bia.org for a thorough description and diagrams of properly installed masonry wall flashing the only sure fix is to remove the brick and retro-fit the flashing as others have stated. however, if there is not a lot of exterior wall space above the window/s that is/are leaking you may be able to cross your fingers and get away with applying a silane/siloxane sealant over the brick. since the missing flashing will allow wind-driven rain and liquid moisture under surface tension to work their way back from the lintel opening you could also install rope weeps 6"-8" o.c.; and use backer rod and caulk to seal the lintel opening from wind driven rain entering. I am NOT recommending it but just proposing that it MAY work as a less expensive repair. If it doesn't work you really haven't ventured or lost much in the effort.
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