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  1. Thanks to all who responded. I will stop beating myself up over this. I did learn one thing....If the wall switch plates don't look like builder grade materials.... Tom
  2. Randy, I apply ASHI sop. I am aware of the low voltage exclusion. Please understand that I am not looking for a "get out of jail free" coupon. I am feeling that I let my client down but not having the knowledge to fully inform him of the potential for costly repairs for this system. I found this site http://www.smarthouseonline.com/ and it scared the S**t out of me! I am thinking about returning to this house (townhouse actually) and doing further investigative work. I am just not sure if doing so will make my client even "more" uneasy about my inspection Tom
  3. Anyone familiar with Smart House wiring systems? My research thus far leads me to believe this is an obsolete system. I did not find the controller (finished basement drywall covered everything i.e. waste outlet,water inlet etc.). Today, on a callback concerning a failed light swith, the client removed the switch plate (quad switch) and to my dismay I was staring at what appeared to be flat computer cables with those computer lookin' din connectors. I do not know how to explain this cofiguration to my client. Over a thousand inspections and have never encounterd this system. SOOOO, wadda ya think? Did I blow this one? Tom
  4. Lurker Alert....Lurker Alert... I have been a member of this board for? I don't know..a long time. I have only posted one or two times. As far as checking the phone line...DO IT! I noticed a precipitous drop in business in November. Jokingly, I asked my son if the phones were working. He said "aw Dad, lighten up". Around three days later, an E-mail from a Realtor Friend questioned why my office phone would ring only once and then disconnect. HOLY CRAP!!! I had been making outgoing calls with no problem. When I called my office from the cell phone, sure enough, one ring and disconnect!!! A call to my phone company confirmed that there was a problem. In fact, a problem that they were aware of for a week or more. (get it? they could not call me to let me know..) All office lines were transfered to my home phone lines and the bookings flowed like water from a 1950's American Standard bath faucet! I have NO idea how much business i lost. The phone company has agreed to credit my office bill for one month of service. The moral of the story... A) Reach out and touch yourself occasionally.(phone wise) B) Never listen to a twenty-something. Tom English Guardian Angel Home Inspections
  5. Started using IE when my son and I started our company. As Chad mentioned, the authors are VERY responsive. Software without support is like undershorts without the elastic waistband. I am most pleased. As to the boiler plate, it seems as if it were written by some wacked out , left coasted, oversized, vet. Hope to meet him someday. Tom
  6. O.K., its up. Same crap member discussion board. Same crap about "hang in there, it will ALL be good in the end". 250.00 and now I think I know how it is feeling in the end! Tom English Independant Inspector ...and no longer content to keep his mouth shut.
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