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  1. "separation of home inspectors and structural pest inspectors" In the California, San Jose area there are separate pest, structural, roof & HVAC inspections done per transaction. I can't say what percentage of these transactions get these specific inspections, but I can say the general home inspector in Washington State has much more to shoulder than in the Bay area.
  2. After seeing some of these old glass-lined guys still around, I've wondered why their not being produced anymore. It's almost like the industry leaders all got together and agreed amongst themselves not to produce any more units that will actually stand the test of time. Or perhaps it has to do with glass getting into somebodys (hot) drinking water?
  3. Pathetic, I've had to deal with the state a few times recently, and let me tell ya, they are on a different planet than the rest of us. While most of us return phone calls promptly and follow through on things we say we'll do (ie. I'll call you back in two days after I've researched it) , the state apparently does not deem these things necessary for normal business activity. In the private sector, you behave professionally or go broke. In the public sector, it seems, you can do pretty much what you want with no checks or balance system present. Discouraged in Seattle
  4. I liked the book. I thought it was well organized and insightful. I thought the photographs of frequently-encountered deficiencies were well chosen. Rex mentions taking plywood boards up to the attic with him so as to access the far reaches better. I've asked around and no inspector I know of does this. It seems like you could do more damage than good in this manner. David McPhee Washington State
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