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  1. This is why one should never leave the house when the dryer is running.
  2. You poor thing Chad. I live 40 miles outside of Roch. Yep I have seen turf a few times since Dec.1
  3. Yep just what I said. I see no one has the slightest clue what could have happened to the window. You guys sure your real Home Inspectors? lololol
  4. Wish it were that easy, but nope, the snow melted later the same day and I searched the grounds for shards. Nothing!. Not even any pieces on the window sill.
  5. thanks for all the great tips, but neighbor thinks it was stolen because there's been other items taken from the neighborhood. Who knows...[:-alien]
  6. Many old houses such as those from late 1880's-early 1900's still have K&T. Many Insurance companies do not refuse coverage. I have worked on many homes in the historic district. Never heard any complaints from homeowner that they couldn't get coverage. I myself have a 120 year old house. My insurance company is a very large and well known company. Had no problems getting coverage although I have K&T. And, no, my premiums were not higher.
  7. They just don't make em like they used to. So much for modern technology.
  8. Look at the roof on that house. The tip looks like its touching the house next door. Ugh, why they gotta build em so close? You can pass the toilet paper from your window.
  9. Don't mean to be the one bad apple here, but I really can't see tipping a home inspector. A waitress or pizza boy, yes, because they make so little. But a home inspector charges plenty . I know I'll get some angry replies here, but it gets a little tiring to read on these forums from Home Inspectors how the phone don't ring, or business is slow. Go try working a minimum wage job. Go work in a factory and get laid off and see how you manage. Got nothing against Home Inspectors, just don't so no reason to tip them or give them gifts. Just my honest opinion.
  10. If you guys are stumped, a simple" I dunno" will suffice..[:-monkeyd..[:-slaphap
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