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  1. If your HVAC system has a condensate pump, how about running the dehumidifier drain line(s) into that?
  2. I've seen them lined up like that here in the Pacific NW. These are painted turtles at Steigerwald Lake, which is a few miles east of Vancouver WA.
  3. There was a good article on inspection photography written by Jay Hensleigh in the ASHI Reporter a while back. http://www.ashireporter.org/HomeInspection/Articles/Inspection-Photos-Worth-One-Thousand-Words/9619
  4. We see a fair number of mini split systems here, especially in new construction. Some homes use mini splits exclusively. The most common brands are Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. We just had a Daikin single zone system installed at our house this past summer, we love it. As far as I can tell, the build quality is quite good.
  5. Photocell, probably controls an exterior light.
  6. KEH Camera and Adorama are a couple more good choices. Service is great, prices too.
  7. There's a rock you can see from Sedona that the locals call Snoopy. It's more real than the Vortex. Click to Enlarge 53.08 KB
  8. Some do have zero clearance to combustibles, but as you have found, the label is sometimes missing. Click to Enlarge 44.72 KB
  9. Adobe Document Sign has a phone app, and Docu Sign might have as well. So you can bring up the agreement on your phone or tablet and have them sign at the inspection.
  10. Adobe Document Sign (formerly Echo Sign). Been using it for a few years, and am very happy with it. You upload your inspection agreement as a Word document, then insert the form fields that get filled out as well as initial and signature fields. Make sure to create a little extra space in the Word doc first to accommodate the form field boxes that you drag into place, and make the boxes big enough for multiple names, email addresses, etc. Usually my office assistant sends the agreements, she has full access to it, so we both get an email notification when the agreement is sent out and when it
  11. The type of Square D breakers that can accept two conductors have a plate with two raised areas. When the set screw is tightened, the plate exerts equal pressure on both conductors. Click to Enlarge 70.28 KB
  12. I had a similar message from a mark_pil@yahoo.com. No bad repercussions other than annoyance at wasting my time, but just to be sure, I'm running a full virus scan. His original post said in part "also need a little favor from you because haven't payment the balance up fees for the house which is sum of $1500 to balance up and i will be expecting your reply back asap." When I asked him to clarify ans send me the address, he sent this: "Okay fine,the favor is that am going to give you my card to charge the sum of $2000 you will deduct the sum of $500 as inspection service deposit and send
  13. Jim and I carpooled to a seminar in Redmond a couple of days ago taught by Douglas Hansen (terrific seminar, by the way). I can assure you that Jim is alive and well.
  14. I took this picture of a line of them behind an apartment building converted to condos, thinking it might come in handy some day. As Jim said, they're not uncommon around here. While we're on the subject of garbage, how many of you have seen one of these in an old basement? Click to Enlarge 80.73 KB Click to Enlarge 47.41 KB Click to Enlarge 98.58 KB
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