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Is this correct for the water heater exhaust


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I ran into this creative bit of exhaust plumbing. Is tis ok? I have saw no corrosion on the water connections indicating back drafting. The stack came off the unit, turned 90, then went up, turned 90 and then went into a tee it shared with a induced draft furnace. Could the inducer fan cause it to back draft?

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The T connection is up high, so I wouldn't be concerned w/ spillage @ the water heater's draft hood.

It's questionable as to whether a 12" rise is required before a change in direction above a water heater- some manufacturer's require the rise, while others don't seem to do so.

The vent needs to be secured to the draft hood, and the hood should be secured to the water heater.

It would be nice to see some additional support for the vent-- did it feel secure?

So basically, it's a crappy looking installation, but I bet it is functional...

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