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Radalec E-perm system for sale


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For sale is a Radalec E-perm system

Check the link below


Was purchased from Biomation. Unit is out of Calibration

E-PERM Radon Starter Kit

With the basic starter kit, you have all of the testing equipment needed to handle a business level of about two homes per week for short-term tests and one home per month for long-term tests. It includes an instructional DVD. A set of reference electrets is included with the kit to verify correct operation of the readout unit. The radon measurement kit is very affordable. Additional radon detectors and electrets can be added as your volume of radon work grows.

Radon testing / measuring and mitigation equipment for sale

Rad Elec Inc.

Electret Voltage Reader (S/N E0524) Cal due 12/17/2013 but Reference electrets are still within range.

2 reference electrets and a zero electret

9 long term electrets with the following voltages 648,663,704,644,718,635,687,627,663

10 short term electrets with the following voltages 632,659,708,598,684,311,384,598,716,710

5 short term chambers

7 long term chambers

Comes with all software, was purchased as a kit. Has a nitrogen kit, tank is available, but shipping tanks could be a problem.

Also have a digital manometer and pitot tube, as well as lots of hose.

Large hammer drill and core bit and drill bits.

I have the pvc pitot tube made up also,



We are in Canada, but will ship it to you once cheque has cleared.

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