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concrete exposed aggregate


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Hi all!

Does anyone know the proper techniques for finishing a pebble imbedded concrete pool deck when you grind the surface to produce a smooth exposed aggregate? My thoughts are that wet grinding is the way to go. I have a repeat high end client who is having this done and the installer has been working on it since october.

Aparently, this is the first time he had done it and is struggling. Any sources to refer to for how this is supposed to be done?

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I don't have any reference source, but I've done it several times. Last time was in a high end multi-nozzle turbo shower w/a mortar bed pan w/fancy exposed aggregate.

Are you talking about exposed "smooth" aggregate, i.e., the stones stand proud of the mortar sort of like tile, or do you want a flush surface? Your question indicated that there was "grinding" going on, which sounds more like terrazzo.

The one's I've done require pouring the mortar, placing the stone, letting the mortar set up partially, then wiping the mortar down to expose the stone set it in place. Sort of like wiping off grout in a tile job. Timing is critical. If the mortar sets too hard, the job is screwed.

At any rate, what precisely are you trying to accomplish? Exposed stone, or ground surface?

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