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Mark Hammann

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I'm currently just a Student learning the business [:-graduate] and still quite aways away from Marketing myself but, I'm curious as to if anyone has tried Public Access via the Cable? A infomercial about Home Inspection.

Has any of the Associations ever thought about working with, say, Home and Garden Television about doing a very generalized program/show on Home Inspections and it's benefits? [:-idea]

I think this would be a good way to educate the general public about Home Inspection and it's importance when buying and selling a property, as well as, scheduled Inspection checks of the property during the course of it's occupation[:-magnify]. I have thought about doing a infomercial for Public Access [:-sing] once I get to that point where I need to market myself.

Any thoughts, or comments on this [?]

Mark Hammann

PCDI School of Home Inspection Student

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