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Foundation Prepour Inspection


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Many, many things. Depth of footings, proper amount and placement of steel(rebar), plumbing, termite pre-treat, just a whole bunch of things. I hate to say it but if you need to ask, I would suggest that you find another inspector to go with you that knows what to look for or pass on this job. Its not difficult to learn about slab foundations it just takes a little time and the chance to look at several slabs being constructed.

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I have been doing pre-pour inspections in your same area for years. Scott was right on. These are short inspections from a time standpoint, but very, very detailed.

There are numerous issues involved with post-tension cables that need particular attention, in addition to those items listed above.

I have yet to find an exhaustive piece or literature on the subject. Find someone to ride with. You will need 25 or more under your belt to be competent.

Good Luck,


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