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Open Flue Vent in Attic.


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I did the pre-drywall and later final inspection on a new home for an elderly couple. The builder was a pain. Made me present license, proof of liability ins, etc. I did final, couple was to move in 2 days later. Builder (large nationwide) was done with their final "quality check" and all was well. The water heater was not installed during pre-dry but attic vent piping was in attic over garage and was easy to see at that point, OK. At my final, viewing would have been another matter, attic was way around corner from access hole, fresh deep blown in insulation, nowhere to step. But you know how it is, just gotta go there, don't ya. Well I went, and the water heater installer must have yank down so hard on the flue pipe to make it fit on his water heater, it came loose at a joint, and now it vents into attic. Lots of hot moist air to rot out everything not to mention CO and fire hazard. The couple would not have known until something bad happened and it would have. Builder's rep was like, "no big deal" we'll fix it. I got so mad, I wrote every government code and license board I could. Hope they get 'em. New construction here in the hot area around charlotte has really gone to the dogs. No question, I just needed to vent. No pun intended!

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It never ceases to amaze me how frequently something really noteworthy is hiding in that place where you'd just as soon not go. Crummy access, barey enough room, wet/dusty/dirty/smelly/hot as hell/cold as ice/etc., you name it; 9 times out of 10 the Inspection Gods reward me for making the effort. [:-angel]

That's a good one. [:-thumbu]

Brian G.

How To Keep the Squirrels Out of the Attic (Or Kill Them) [xx(]

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