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Washington State WSDA SPI License

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Here's an answer to questions several of us asked Dr. Soumi and the Director of WSDA about the specifics of the WSDA SPI Requirements for Home Inspectors. most of us who are licensed already knew this, but this may help clarify the subject to those who believe they can use loopholes to get around the asinine Laws. I din't support the Law, but it is the Law, for now. These questions and answers were cleared by the Washinton State AG.

Questions and Responses on SPI Licensing

(Cleared by AG 3/26/07)

Question 1: When a home inspector conducts an inspection of a home that is for sale and reports any of the following, must they be licensed as an SPI and follow the rules for conducting a complete WDO inspection (See WAC 16-228-2025):

plumbing leaks and inadequate ventilation

restricted or non-functioning gutters

vegetation touching exterior siding

earth to wood contact

standing water in substructure

failed or missing caulk or grout at water splash areas

conducive debris in substructure

Answer: If a home inspector reports on one or more of the above conditions they must be licensed and must follow the rules for conducting complete WDO inspections. It does not make any difference whether the home inspector actually identifies a WDO such as rot, they still must be licensed and follow the rules.

Question 2: Once a home inspector reports any of the conditions in question 1., above, (regardless of whether they identify a WDO infestation) does the inspection then become a “complete WDO inspectionâ€

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