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  1. Receptacle taps

    My limited experience with Alumicon connectors is that they take up less space than what I had feared. they are actually pretty easy to work with and accommodate inside standard boxes.
  2. Light Fixture Problem

    What else is on the circuit? I would be looking for changes in voltage or spikes with other loads were switched on/off. You can get some funky stuff (technical term) going when back stab or otherwise bad connections are involved.
  3. 1969 Home

    Same as any other house. You have to see it to inspect it.
  4. whole house surge protectors

    I am vaguely familiar with this type of program but have never used it. That said, why would I rent something that I can buy with a relatively short ROI compared to renting. I rent expensive stuff (i.e. tools) that I would not use enough to justify the purchase price. I buy stuff that I use continuously or that has a low initial purchase price compared to renting. Of course you want to compare apples to apples but seems like they hit on a lucrative deal for the POCO's benefit, not yours.
  5. Trying to figure out if I should file a claim

    File the claim and get it replaced. This is common occurrence where I am and your rates will go up anyway depending on the region, not your individual claim status in this regard. Your house has already been devalued by the storm and that is why you have insurance. Yes, have someone take a look at it first, but if you have damage visible from the ground, I guarantee you have much more damage once you check it out from the roof.
  6. Is this "Fair"?

    We were one of the first states with licensing (over 25 years now) but I can't see that it sets a very high bar for beginners and as far as I can tell rarely prohibits the unqualified from retaining their license. It does mandate some continuing education but since licensing is regulated by the TREC, an agency run by realtors, it does not really promote excellence since that might kill deals. Licensing would do absolutely nothing to prevent the situation of the OP.
  7. Functioning as intended

    I don't do positive affirmations. As required by my state, I check the box "Inspected" and move on if there is nothing negative to report. Like Hausdok, I report on what is wrong. The one exception is the requirement in the SOP to give an opinion of the foundation. In that one instance I use the dreaded "Functioning as intended" phrase just so I don't start writing foolish things that I might regret later. (i.e. it is hard, flat, located on the ground, and I like it just fine but the color is a little boring) - just to meet the state requirement to give my opinion)
  8. Cleaning a square dryer vent

    Use the rotary duct cleaning brush on a drill along with a shop vac. Works well on round and I would imagine would do an adequate job on rectangular with a bit of extra effort and dilagence unless is is exceptionally narrow. The kit I use has a adaptor for a shop vac that is used in conjunction with the brush. That or hire a duct cleaning company with the proper tools. https://www.amazon.com/Gardus-RLE202-LintEater-10-Piece-Cleaning/dp/B0014CN8Y8
  9. Run away

    I rarely use those words but I have on occasion, maybe a half dozen times over 22 years, when the house was obviously is such bad condition as to be economically unsalvageable. Of course all of the defects are documented in detail in more precise language. At least half of those clients that have received such words have bought the house anyway.
  10. Did I go too far?

    Sounds like you were a bit conservative judging by the photos (of course you were there.) I would not be surprised to see much more hidden damage. I would advise my clients to run and not look back unless they loved the property so much that they would want (and could afford) to tear it down and rebuild from the ground up. Mold would not be my primary concern but rather the structural integrity, although certainly mold would have to be dealt with. I would also imagine rebuilding in a flood zone would also have it's own issues.
  11. Staying healthy for long career

    Surprised to see the numbers of guys doing yoga. This is a totally foreign subject to me and wonder how one would begin? Turning 60 this fall and I have always been strong but not flexible, even as a kid. A gradual start I assume but can't see myself at the local y.
  12. Brick veneer as a structural member

    Brick veneer is not a structural member. Might have to back into this and come from the other direction to see what an "approved" brick wall will support. Sometimes it is not what is prohibited but what is approved.... The code can't cover every possible stupid mistake.
  13. My guess based on the type of wire is there is likely metallic conduit which could be the ground and the green wire should be white for a dryer neutral. So other than insulation color the installation is about as good as it gets without a rewire to pull a 4th wire.
  14. I close the browser each time I leave my computer and used the "activity" tab then "unread content" when I visit the site. Since I found that tab, it works like a charm now.
  15. TPR drain interconnected with drain pan's drain

    Thanks for posting this Chad. Pretty easy to count at least 9 specific violations in this one installation. Maybe more depending on the pipe material and size. Of course that is counting the same issue stated multiple different ways in the code.