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  1. inspector57

    Hockey Practice?

    Once you have one or two dents, it might just be cheaper to replace the thing after junior grows up that to build and elaborate net to try to limit further damage.
  2. inspector57

    square footage

    I am neither an appraiser or surveyor. I inspect the condition of the things present, I do not measure or appraise its size or value, thus the name of my company is "Mr. Inspector," not Mr. Appraiser or Mr. Surveyor. Nowhere in my standards of practice does measuring properties appear.
  3. inspector57


    Me too.
  4. inspector57


    I'm not seeing any signatures either, on my Mac desktop using Safari.
  5. Why not? This gives the client the option of inspecting only what they need. I don't see any down side, what are your concerns?
  6. Looks like it is an uphill battle.
  7. inspector57

    Aluminum Wire

    http://www.usawire-cable.com/pdfs/nec ampacities.pdf Try this one.
  8. inspector57

    Aluminum Wire

    Wrong chart, that one is for copper.
  9. inspector57

    1924 house

    I'm not too timid about opening panels and electrical in general, even work some stuff hot if the need arises but that bottom panel with all the exposed live metal spooks me and really makes me fear for the average home owner trying to change a fuse in the dark! Still it is a thing of beauty for the workmanship.
  10. inspector57

    Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    302.11 item 4 only states that spaces "around" such openings be filled and specifically states it does NOT have to meet the ASTM standard which I take to mean it could be anything, caulk, joint compound, etc. just as long as the spaces around the cable, pipe, etc. are filled to prevent the free passage of flame and combustion products,(and the local AHJ approves it. I agree I don't like the covers but when I read the items mentioned in the code that applies, I still find nothing to support the prohibition of pipes, cables, etc. in this seperation wall.
  11. inspector57

    New roof raised in areas

    The roofer likely did the building paper at the same time as the shingles and lapped the paper on top of the shingles on those raised rows.
  12. inspector57

    Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    The garage to house is not a fire rated assembly or a "fire wall". It IS a fire separation according to IRC it it is a single family home. Now the argument could be made that it could be an "opening" into the home which IS addressed but I think that would be pushing it. Do I like it? NO. Is it prohibited by code, most likely not.
  13. inspector57

    Non-Standard Construction

    I have had some experience in large metal buildings using below grade piers with metal truss bolted to the piers with slab on grade floor. If it is in an area with expansive clay soil, it sucks. The floor moves with the surface soil and the building frame moves very little. Seasonal differential movement was easily over 3" seasonally. If you put anything on a deep pier of any kind then the entire structure should be on piers. A slab on grade can work but only if it is designed stiff enough and is allowed to float with the soil. It is pretty much a guarantee the surface soil in north and central Texas will be moving.
  14. inspector57


    The worst is the sewer gas that migrates out the fan when it is off. There is a reason we have traps between the vent/soil stack and the interior of the house. Of course I guess and explosion from concentrated methane might be worse.
  15. inspector57

    voltage stick

    I like the Sperry Dual check VD7504GFI. It has both non-contact and GFCI outlet tester in one instrument that I keep in my camera holster.