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  1. My guess based on the type of wire is there is likely metallic conduit which could be the ground and the green wire should be white for a dryer neutral. So other than insulation color the installation is about as good as it gets without a rewire to pull a 4th wire.
  2. I close the browser each time I leave my computer and used the "activity" tab then "unread content" when I visit the site. Since I found that tab, it works like a charm now.
  3. Thanks for posting this Chad. Pretty easy to count at least 9 specific violations in this one installation. Maybe more depending on the pipe material and size. Of course that is counting the same issue stated multiple different ways in the code.
  4. Nope, can't use a tee anyplace on the TPR drain line.
  5. Aluminum is a great conductor of energy and vinyl is a poor conductor so yes in theory it is a true statement... BUT! Big BUT! siding is not designed to stop thermal conductance of energy through a wall, it is designed to protect it from the elements. The thickness and conductance of the materials in question are so negligible as to be meaningless in real life. This theory may have its beginnings based on the overall "feel" or even energy savings when installing vinyl over or replacing other sidings when also installing insulation under the siding. Even a moderate amount of insulation can have a significant effect when installed over otherwise uninsulated or poorly insulated houses.
  6. Can't imagine doing anything else. It fits me or I fit it, not sure which came first. The only thing better would be if I could just inspect and talk to folks without the report writing. Oh yeah, if I did not have to do marketing, but that is not so much of an issue these days since the phone rings a bunch for now. If I had life to "do over" likely I would go to engineering, that or just be independently wealthy.
  7. It is remarkable how unstable a structure is before the sheathing and windows are installed. Makes it easier to grasp the need for bracing. I'll bet that never happens again to that crew.[:-censore
  8. I have yet to find a sweep that is ethical. Not saying they don't exist, just that I have not found one.
  9. Yes, Texas SOP requires : The inspection report shall include: the name and license number of each inspector who participated in performing the inspection, as well as the name(s) and license number(s) of any supervising real estate inspector(s) and sponsoring professional inspector(s), if applicable;
  10. Just remember you must include them at present on the inspection report.
  11. Think about a magnifying glass which concentrates the light to start a fire. It works as a ratio of the curvature of the lens and the distance to the surface affected (also the light source) so the amount of heat can vary due the the curvature of the window and the distance to the wall. Might have happened during winter due to the change in window curvature due to ambient temps as well as solar arching south during winter months. Kind of a neat problem to figure out where and when the problem occurs... unless it is your house that has the damage!
  12. You mean something like this except with a flat roof? Click to Enlarge 21.03 KB
  13. The classic fear is that a refrigerant leak at the evaporator coil can allow refrigerant to hit a hot heat exhanger and convert to an unpleasant (if not unhealthy) gas. Also, if the evaporator coil's condensate collection system isn't working properly, the blower can suck up the water and spray it all over the heat exchanger, accelerating corrosion. It seems I remember a requirement that the coiling coil be located down stream from the furnace but the only bad outcome I can think of is accelerated corrosion.
  14. I think you are looking at the humidifier. The blower is not actually visible if I followed the description correctly. (I had the impression that was the blower at first due to the duct from the side)
  15. ... -carpeting