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Automated Inspector Software

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Hi Alex,

Until you mentioned it, I'd never heard of it. I had to google it to find it. Then I tried to print sample copy of the report, in order to see what it loos like, and the link didn't work. Were you able to get the sample copy of the report to print out for you?

Warning; these all look good on their websites, and most are pretty slick to use on-site, but if the report presentation is too cluttered, full of icons, and fluff, it's going to be a chore for the client to read and understand. Make sure that you get a copy of what the report actually looks like when it's printed and then pass it around to a few folks you know, along with samples of other reports; in order to see which one folks are comfortable with. Don't indicate which report you're primarily interested in. If the majority of them don't favor the sample from the software that you're considering, don't waste your money; keep looking.

If Automated Inspector is a new software provider, be very cautious; it's not exactly the best time to get into the profession and it's likewise not the best time to try and introduce a new software package, because the market is already saturated with home inspection software and the inspection profession is about halfway into a slump. If the software developer doesn't have staying power, down the road you could find yourself left high and dry without any software support.



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I couldn't get the report sample either. Not a good sign...

What software do you recommend? When I looked at the demo for AI Field, it looked like it contained a lot of good information as far as inspection items. Take a look at it if you get a chance and let me know what you think.


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