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IR use

Chris Bernhardt

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There have been several previous discussions pertaining to IR use.

I do not do energy audits. I sort of looked into it and didn't see the $$.

I do use IR for all my inspections. The word travels. I have received requests from builders, HVAC contractors and Plumbers to help them find problems. I am sure there is a market for IR only, but, I haven't pursued that. Probably won't. I stay busy enough with HIs.

Since you mentioned the subject, I am wondering if Kurt ever got an IR cam.


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Any year now....

Just kidding. I think the work is out there in my urban environment; I think there are all sorts of ways to integrate it into my business.

Honestly, I've been working on my report software to make handling large quantities of photos a very intuitive & quick operation, w/multiple presentation formats. Understanding camera use by itself, how it fits into the inspection procedure (let alone IR work), and how not to go nuts handling large amounts of photos, has been a learning curve. I can really blow the time frame of an appt. by getting all carried away w/pictures; the trick is getting the right pictures.

Definitely going for the "new" pic in pic feature, where the infrared is set within a black & white of the surrounding area for easier identification; both Fluke & Flir have it. I'm thinking that new Flir w/the articulated lense & camera body arrangement.

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Originally posted by Chris Bernhardt

A follow up question is have you ever found a moisture anomaly that you could not have found thru a normal visual inspection using a moisture meter in normal HI work?

Chris, Oregon

Several. High ceilings and walls where moisture was very recent and gypsum had not shown stains (mold) yet. Could I have found them? Yes, if I wanted to spend who knows how much time scanning the whole ceiling and walls with a moisture meter. I have no imagination about how many I didn't find prior to IR. You can scan the whole room in a few seconds with IR. Also works well with missing or inadequate insulation. Remember, It gives you the indication - you still have to confirm the anomaly.

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