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  1. It is also a security concern. We have had a few thefts and rapes because of lack of separation. Also advise your client that a lock of some sort is advisable.
  2. My 12 yr old grand son just got his 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in Philadelphia. He also contracted swine flu while there.
  3. I used overnight prints.com for several jobs of mine and for my wife (artist). Work, price, completion and delivery very good. Easy to design your own on their site.
  4. The old saying -- 1 picture = 1000 words .... more like 2-3000.
  5. Lots of inspectors and others advertise using the "we", but, are actually individuals / one man shops. I guess its an image thing. Like everything elae, I suppose there are pros and cons to doing it that way.
  6. I may have written this previously... Several years ago, a local handyman went into a crawl that was wet - and had electrical wirng on the ground. His still smoking body was found 2 days later.
  7. The reason is in the letter. Members stopped submitting money for renewals.
  8. "Anybody know an easy way to calculate the Natural Air Changes per Hour without all that algebra stuff?" Just count 'em. 1..2..3..fo.. ie; un..dos.. tres Happy holidays.
  9. I took a 1 day class (Flir) before I purchased the camera. My main objective was to learn about interpretation of what I was seeing. They covered a lot of the techinical stuff on hows, whys, etc., but, I haven't had any reason to refer to that since - nearly 2 years. As was said earlier, Just about everything is in the manual. Bottom line - verify, verify, verify.
  10. The only units not subject to the 18" rule is FVIR types. It is not just garages, - its flammable storage areas. '06 code indicates that water heater installation in un-heated attics, garages, other unconditioned space is a no-no. This conversation ongoing at IN also.
  11. Sheeesh! You just can't expect these guys to bowl several strings in only 15 minutes.
  12. The "spray racks" were / are used to find defects in eifs, also.
  13. Same thing happened here ( Corpus Christi) earlier this year. Problem was insufficient chlorination at the treatment plant - also an attempted cover up - resulting in a few upper echelon resignations and dismissals.... whole thing lasted about a week.
  14. When everything goes just write, This post was obviously written by a Walter imposter!!!!
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