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  1. My wait time for hot water with the tankless is the same as it was for the conventional unit and I haven't experienced the "cold water sandwich". There has been no noticeable change in our water usage.
  2. Les, Several reasons I like the Rinnai. 1. Endless hot water. 2. Only runs when hot water is in use. 3. No tank for bacteria and gunk to collect in. 4. Takes up very little space. 5. So far flawless operation. The only negative I can find is the cost.
  3. Replaced my gas fired storage type a year or so ago with a tankless Rinnai. Not cheap but well worth it.
  4. 20 inspections less (424) than last year but only $570.00 less in revenue. I target 8 per week Mon-Thurs and I will occasionally throw a condo in on Friday morning as long as it doesn't inhibit me from making my weekly 11:00-11:30 tee time. I typically take about 4 weeks +/- off a year 2 of which are between Thanksgiving and mid Jan when things are typically slower anyway. 15.5 years into this gig I would say its been a fantastic ride. I'll be 50 in Feb so I hope I have some good years left in me.
  5. In my particular situation I had a conventional gas water heater with a dedicated hot circulation loop powered by a Grundfos pump that I had installed at the time of construction. This provided hot water at every location immediately. Not long after moving in I noticed we were using a lot of propane (very little metered natural gas in these parts). Dual fuel range in the kitchen, gas dryer, gas water heater, and gas at the summer kitchen. I thought for sure there must be a leak somewhere. After confirming no leaks I started paying attention to the water heater run time. It was practically running all the time due to the temp drop created by the circulation loop. Also the circulation loop added additional pressure (even though the Grundfos pump is low pressure) to the system resulting in two ruptured water heaters in a span of 3 years. It takes 2 minutes for the hot water to reach the master bathroom with the tankless but I'll take that over the other issues I was having. Using the hot water loop with a tankless is convoluted so I don't use it. When I feel that my 14 year old has lingered to long in the shower I just go out in the garage and hit the off button.
  6. I have a Rinnai RL94 (propane) that supplies my entire home (3 full baths). Slickest thing since sliced bread. Going on 2 years and not a hint of a problem. Never run out of hot water. No issues whatsoever. I wouldn't buy anything else.
  7. I was on an iPad only mission so there wasn't much out there to try. Horizon just fit my eye. For me it was the best of the lot.
  8. Oh yea. I've been using the same iPad the entire time. Dropped it multiple times. Just lucky I guess. In the event I drop it and render it unusable its a quick stop by Target, Apple store, Best Buy, etc for a new one. Fire it up, sign in to my account and away I go. Try that with a laptop. Heck in 2 years its outdated anyway so I figure its just part of the cost of doing business.
  9. After using a Word based program for 14 years it was time for a change. Being a Mac guy I wanted something to use on my iPad. I've been using the Horizon system since Jan 13. Personally I love it. Is it perfect? No. Is any system perfect? No. Everyone has their opinion on whats the best system so you have to try them out and find what fits you best. The Horizon system has greatly reduced my reporting time and also reduced my onsite time. I use the iPad for all pictures except the crawlspace. No more jacking around with pics uploading, arranging, tagging, etc. They just go where they are supposed to. Its not near as wordy as my previous software. I initially worried about that but honestly I have learned to embrace the less wordy approach. Manages all my data, stores all my reports, software is always up to date, clients can access reports whenever they need to, constantly adding new features. Newest feature does not allow the client to download the report until I mark it paid. Complete the report, generate it, email the link, forget about it. No payee no reportee. I did 443 inspections with it last year and 74 so far this year. I average 9.29 inspections per week working 4.5 days a week (golf on Friday afternoon) 48 weeks out of the year. I don't work weekends. Ever. Cost me $800.00 per year for unlimited reports. Cheap? No. I like it, clients like it. I haven't had one person call me because they can't understand the report. No complaints, no lawsuits, no refunds. Works for me.
  10. Datil is the pepper of choice in these parts.
  11. 83 here in St Augustine on the Solstice.
  12. I have a Midwest 200amp transfer switch and a 15KW generator. Runs the whole house including heat pump and pool equipment. Obviously I don't intend to actually run the entire house but its nice to know I could. I got a "divorce sale" from a lady on the generator that I couldn't pass up. Forecasted busy hurricane season this year and we had none so (thankfully) didn't get to use it. I exercise the generator once every two weeks just to stay ready.
  13. You can select which ones you want to import in preview
  14. There is a condo complex here on the beach that is full of them.
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