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Installment 10


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This will probably interest those of you who have swimming pools more than those who inspect them. Many years ago I acquired a really neat gadget which, as you can see, is easily installed, difficult to maintain, and fun to play with. The key to proper operation of this equipment is not to turn the control knobs too abruptly doing so could cause it to malfunction. Once you familiarize yourself with its various functions, took me about 25 years, it will indicate the following: 1. When its time to check the chemicals, 2. When the water is too cold, 3. When the pool needs to be vacuumed, 4. When you need to add water, 5. When the filter needs to be cleaned, 6. When to turn on the underwater light, 7. When you're splashing too much causing water loss, and 8. When you are allowed to use the pool. This gadget is powered by repeated "YES DEARs".

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