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I had the RadStar when it first came out. Had problems and sent them back. The RadStar uses the same technology as the Sun. I have not used the Sun. The femto-Tech is a fully developed nearly foolproof machine. The femto is the detector the Rn chamber operators use to monitor their chambers.

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Most of the guys around here (Kansas City)use the Sun Monitors. They're reasonable in cost ($525-$535 each).I've got 6 and only had a problem with 1 of them in the 5-8 years I've had them.

The Femo-Tech is nice but real pricey and has lots of features we don't use.

The largest Radon Mitigator in KC has about 80 monitors of all kinds including the Femo-Tech and his choice has been the Sun Monitor.

Dan Bowers

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