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  1. Sorry Bain, I see you did in fact spell my name correctly.
  2. Well Mr. Bain, Dietrich has been inspectiing and saving the world one inspection at a time. If you are going to take shots at me at least spell my name correctly, it's right there in front of you. I do have thick skin. One does not own their own business for years and not have it. It just seems like you all have a pretty tight good ol' boys club that likes to sit around and spout all kinds of stuff! All that's lacking is the cigars and cognac! I for one work for a living. I appreciate any intelligent communication. Your questions have been answered. Have a great weekend!
  3. I think I will go back to inspecting and quit wasting time on this time sink. I obviously don't know nearly enough to communicate with all the "experts"! I will simply continue my "neanderthal thumb dragging methods" and be content with that!
  4. Bain, if you have an Iphone 4 you can turn it on its side and the keyboard will be larger and it can easily be used with two thumbs. As I stated before, I prefer the Ipad, and yes if you purchase the durable cases available, both devices work fine in attics and crawls. You can use the phone in tight spaces and sync to server later. As I stated, it works for me. I have added many of my narratives to the program.
  5. Again Kurt, you seem a little British.........................!
  6. Kurt are you British? you seem to be a bit...................
  7. I have run PRV sampling behind some of the national franchises and found they not only did a poor job, they further cross contaminated the other areas of the structure. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  8. Hey all, thanks for the spirited discussion. My point of all this is I have in-depth knowledge and experience as a builder and inspector, as I am sure most of you do as well. I can Google items on the fly. This app is not for the inexperienced inspector. I prefer the Ipad 2 to the Iphone, old eyes and big fingers and all. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been texting with two thumbs since texting was started. I am able to hold the Ipad and text with two thumbs as fast as I could type. We all have preferences for reporting and software, that discussion will never end! Before you condemn, download the app (if you have Iphone or Ipad), and work with it. I find with many of the other programs, I end up editing or doing custom narrative anyway, so the minimal format of Tap Inspect works for me. I have created numerous sections, well, septic, mold, radon, asbestos to mention a few. As for narrative, most of my report is personal narrative mixed with minimal point and click. I customize for each condition at each inspection as needed. So, there is another 2 cents worth!
  9. Ya Gary, I definitely like the app better than you! FYI, I am "whoring" myself out right now defending a very reputable ethical fellow inspector. Thou should engage thy brain before putting one's mouth in motion! I thought this forum would be a good venue for honest and respectful interchange of ideas. Apparently I was mistaken.
  10. Mold testing is a valuable tool in developing a scope of work for a mold contamination project. If you don't properly form a hypothesis and sampling protocol, you cannot determine the extent of the contamination/amplification of the microbial growth. In mold and indoor air quality investigations, it is not what you see, it's what you don't see that separates the gold diggers from the professional consultants! I'm just sayin'. []
  11. [:-thumbu]I have been reading all the chatter about Tap Inspect software. I feel compelled to respond. I have been using this "app" since early April this year. I have used HIP, Report Host, and 3-D software off and on for 6 years. I have 30+ years as a Michigan licensed builder and hold two college degrees. I have been performing inspections for 6 years. I have been a successful expert witness on numerous litigation cases related to mold and construction defects. Possibly this experience is why I love using Tap Inspect! It is very evident that this software is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Tap Inspect has good basic template structure of an outline for a good report. To the seasoned and experienced inspector this gives you the freedom to narrate and/or choose comments as you go. Inserting the pictures at each comment is invaluable as a time saver. No more choosing pictures and inserting them later! Although you can take photos with the iphone or ipad and put them in an album for later. This system has cut my inspection and reporting time in half! Yes half. I now have a life again. No more sitting at the computer until midnight! The beginning inspector would not be advised to use this "app". But for the seasoned inspector it is great. Michael Wirth and his team have the best and most timely tech support I have ever experienced!
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