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  1. I am trying different online inspector directories, but can't decide which to go with. Which ones seem to bring the most business?
  2. I am currently using servicmagic, and am somewhat happy with it. I have spoken with other inspectors in a few other cities in Texas, and each have different results. I guess it just depends on your service area.
  3. Do you think that the darker colors could really be driving away customers? Just wondering because originally I was going for an elegant or classy look. I guess I will mess around with some happier colors!
  4. Just thought I would post my website. Ya know, unleash the hounds. Constructive criticism is appreciated. www.gouldinspection.com Jason
  5. That is pretty much what I had figured. Actually the house was built in 97.
  6. I saw this on a home yesterday, and was wondering what could cause it. Is it just shoddy building, or has something actually caused it. The brick veneer would start out being even with the wall, but as you see in the pic, it eventually protrudes over the edge of the foundation by about 3" in some spots. It also does this on the opposite wall, as well as several corners of the exterior wall.? Download Attachment: brickoverhandleftside.JPG 246.9 KB
  7. Sounds like cellulose insulation. It is normally made out of recycled materials (usually mostly recycled newspapers). The stuff is great because it isn't itchy, and is not as harmful on the lungs as fiberglass. There is a manufacturers association for it "CIMA" http://www.cellulose.org . Although they do also make cotton batting & loose fill insulation. What color was it?
  8. I used to be a computer tech, and would not recommend McAffe to anybody. If you want the best, then check out www.pandasoftware.com , not only are they the best, they are very reasonably priced. I have absolutely no affiliation with them, but merely have found the best software by trial and error. You can also do a free scan from their webpage, it is called ActiveScan. It will even actually fix some viruses while it scans. I do recommend the full software version if you want to keep from ever getting infected
  9. If price is a big factor in your decision, I would go with a notebook, and a pda. Use the pda while inspecting, then get back to your car/truck and upload. You can email from there with this: http://www.t-mobile.com/products/overvi ... class=data . Even with all of this, the total would be cheaper than a GOOD tablet pc. Dell has some amazing deals on laptops, and pda's. In my opinion though, the tablet is the perfect device. Heavy yes, but also extremely versatile. I would kill for this one(not literally) http://www.tabletpc2.com/Panasonic.htm Truthfully though, I still prefer handwritten notes on my personally designed inspector notes packets. I like to really let the the inspection sink in(time to ponder) before I write my reports. Just my opinion. Jason
  10. Anyone ever thought about a Dodge Magnum? Lots 'O' Space, and pretty good gas mileage.
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