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  1. Great posts. I agree. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Today Gillian Welch, Tim Easton, Lucinda Williams, Alejandro Es coveda, and Kristi Starling are loaded in the player .... Tomorrow it'll be five other artists who never get/got airplay in the over the air media ...
  3. Painted while wet? Until I saw the dryer vent, I thought you'd snuck up and taken pics of the siding job we did on the backside of out church building ...
  4. My basic electronics training kept me going through my years on submarines (I let the electrician's mates deal with the voltage/current/phasing my equipment used.) In my civilian career I had to learn about three phase five wire wye supplies for the equipment we worked on, and, before I left that field, I was traveling around the country doing power quality surveys at hospitals where our systems were installed. I never worried about sngle phase elect. much (though I did bring some of our test equipment home to scope out the house I was leasing back then (two wire, the only ground was at the service disconnect/panel) --- Since I learned 3 phase, my somewhat autistic mind handles it better when I think of my household single phase as two phase, 180 degrees out .... (edited to remove the typos I caught --- I don't like this laptop keyboard --- not forgiving at all)
  5. Not going to defend the GA congressman ,,,, He's not too bright, no, but he's also a little addled from fighting a multi-year battle with Hep C. He's the guy who ran against lunatic Cynthia McKinney and ousted her from office ... The voters in that Dekalb County have many other sterling local officeholders too. Very entertaining.
  6. So there's no check valve, and those folk were blowin' smoke, or the check valve's kaput, and those folk were blowing smoke ...
  7. I used to carry one like that with me, but could never bring myself to trust it. I tossed it, and just use my multimeter whenever possible.
  8. Hard to believe someone paid to have this structure inspected ...
  9. MMDDYY with RPT, INV, etc., tadked on at the end. Each document is saved in open document format and PDF. Stored in folders marked by year.
  10. Water hammer arrestor, I think.
  11. Does jumping from plant kingdom scientific nomenclature to plant anatomy constitute thread drift?
  12. At least the hole was drilled in the center of the 'X' ...
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