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  1. Just for the record… Ms. Kramer's announced attendance created a serious problem in the program. I had several world-class speakers decline to speak at the conference arguing that if Ms. Kramer (and her ilk) were invited speakers, then the conference was not a serious or a credible conference on the subject matter. The individual who asked her to speak was at liberty to ask ANYONE to speak during his session (he could have asked his garbage man if he wanted), however, he was heavily criticized for his poor choice in Ms. Kramer. He explained that he wanted to display and highl
  2. Hello Marc! From a legal aspect, the project was extremely complicated and had to do with new construction of a multiple structure – multiple family housing development. I’m not an attorney, and so my understanding of the actual details may not be correct, but, ultimately through various gyrations, one of the litigants essentially wanted to walk away from the financial liability of building the estate and cash in on the construction bond. The bond holder on the other hand asserted that where deficiencies existed, those deficiencies were correctable. At the heart of the a
  3. The only folks who are doing mould “testingâ€
  4. Hello Randy – My take: Whenever someone sends me a “newspaperâ€
  5. Scott has it right… (again). Relax, and don’t over-think the answers. If you already know something about radiation, DON’T try to give the correct answer, or you will fail the exam. Remember, the exam is pitched at a sixth grade educational level. Give them the answer they are looking for, NOT the correct answer to the question. Cheers! Caoimhín (The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my professional opinion, opinion of my employer, agency, peers, or professional affiliates. The above post is for in
  6. Hi Terry! As consulting scientists, it’s our job. People ask us to measure various physical entities for a fee and we do so. As such, in accordance with good scientific and Industrial Hygiene practices and procedures, prior to performing the work, our policy is to establish parameters known as Data Quality Objectives (DQOs). DQOs describe the error, accuracy and precision of the parameters being measured. The DQOs also describe the limitations of the data, the application of the data, confidence, comparability and completeness of the data. All this is done before we collect any kin
  7. Thanks Mike! Hello Marc – The problem isn’t reflective surfaces (which of course can create some confounding problems), but rather the problem is that measuring EMFs of power lines occurs exclusively in the near field, and therefore, one has no idea what one is actuaslly measuring or how much of it is being measured. As the name suggests, an EMF has two components, an electrical field and a magnetic field. At a point source, these two components are garbled and as one get further away from the point source, the two fields sync up and become a traverse wave wherein the
  8. Hi Gents! I just thought I would poke my nose in and say hello! Actually, I do EMF testing, and to call residential EMF testing “voodooâ€
  9. Hello Safoo! Close-up photos are never as good as people like to think they are. In any event, the discolorations are due to condensation. They line up along cold spots – in this case the ceiling joists, and the nails in the drywall. As water condenses it does two things: 1) Draws contaminants out of the air with it, and 2) draws solubles from the substrate. Then as it dries, the water soluble materials precipitate out leaving distinctive discolorations. Cheers! Caoimhín P. Connell Forensic Industrial Hygienist www.forensic-applications.com (The opinions expre
  10. Good morning, Fischer: We are concerned that (1) the mold could create structural issues ... Mould can virtually never create a structural issue. In fact, in the last 20 some odd years of performing mould inspections in several hundreds of structures, I cannot think of a single situation where the mould caused or contributed to a structural issue. We are concerned that (2) there may be even more mold than we see but we can't cut open the walls to assess this since we don't own the home The only problem associated with hidden mould would be an odor issue down the road. There a
  11. Howdy Gents! I have often had the opportunity to accompany Home Inspectors on their daily routine – sometimes when my favorite HI is inspecting my homes, and I have also had the opportunity to work in the field with many HI while they are doing their work. I’ve entered the 21st century and for those who are interested, I put together a Facebook site that gives an insight into my daily activities as an Industrial Hygienist. I have lots of photos and will be putting up more as time goes on. I will also be posting brief “newslettersâ€
  12. Hello Terence- That’s a good point, and I think you are correct. Thanks for clarifying the point. Cheers! Caoimhín P. Connell Forensic Industrial Hygienist www.forensic-applications.com (The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my professional opinion, opinion of my employer, agency, peers, or professional affiliates. The above post is for information only and does not reflect professional advice and is not intended to supercede the professional advice of others.) AMDG
  13. Well – I don’t know what happened there – the citation should read: 15 U.S.C. §§ 2051-2089 Cheers! Caoimhín
  14. Hi Marc! It does help to find support for making a drastic recommendation when necessary. And, I’m sure there certainly are specific situations where the damage is so serious that gutting the structure is necessary. Under those circumstances, it would be good to point to the CPSC as a source. But at the same time, I would suggest caution when putting too much faith in the CPSC which really took a hit to its credibility with the implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvements Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 2051#8722;2089). The CPSIA banned ATVs for youths because there was lead in
  15. Morning Gents! The material looks like common old efflorescence. It is a combination of sulfates, carbonates, and other “-ates.â€
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