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  1. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems that the soffit is covered by the insulation...[:-paperba
  2. These fissures appear to have been caused by hydrostatic pressure in the soil. Several other indications detected on the site, near the construction, appear to indicate that the underground water table is high. An investigation into the exact causes of the damage should be undertaken. A specialist in drainage should be consulted to obtain a complete report on the foundation drainage system.
  3. If i may ..."vacant property"...... watch for potential marijuana or other plantation that could be a possible cause !
  4. excalibur


    Actually it is a Rolled roofing material , but this building has so many problems that i would not be suprise that this roof was made by an amateur .
  5. excalibur


    Ok guys i need some help here, in Montréal Quebec, i did an inspection on a roofing section of a condo 2006 contruction year. And this is the type of roof installation a saw any idea if this situation is proper ? First we have a asphalted roof type with gravel and second we have roof membrane ? I've detected that this roof has a improper drainage slope and many other problems in and out of this building. Not so many mistakes for a French guy ! Download Attachment: gouin 053.jpg 146.9 KB Download Attachment: gouin 052.jpg 152.17 KB Download Attachment: gouin 0
  6. What's wrong in these pics ? By the way , this electrical installation was for a back yard pool ! Download Attachment: IM002984.jpg 79.64 KB Download Attachment: IM002982.jpg 80.74 KB Download Attachment: IM002983.jpg 72.09 KB Download Attachment: IM002971.jpg 78.22 KB
  7. Howdy guys, i am looking forward to purchase a new little Giant ladder in the net. Does anyone have any recommandations or place where i could buy one and save $$ thanks
  8. Well Bain i'll like to know about the installations of plastic plugs inside an electrical panel is it accepted ? This plug was added because the original wire was not long enough for the knewer panel .
  9. It seems to me that this situation is not proper. But i would like some help here for reporting this to my client thanks ! [:-bigmout Download Attachment: IM000505.jpg 66.69 KB Download Attachment: IM000506.jpg 75.49 KB
  10. Where there is money $$ there is a realtor . [:-jump]
  11. I'll go with Mark's opinion. I've seen those sinking foundation , in my side of town ,so many times.Pilings under foundation walls are the common solution. Those verifications are always done by engeneer. It is correct to make it a structural issu and to have it evaluated by a certified structural engineer. I can also see some high humidity problem inside the crawling space ! Looks like the joist in this picture is showing moisture and molds.
  12. That's what i'm talking about Kurt. And in my books, if every inspectors make those verifications wish are simple,this job will be loyal but hey! it's my personal opinion !
  13. Well Mark my client ask me to look in those documents and after reading them you can't just say nothing at all! If you are concern of your client purpose and it is not the home agent that will do so, in my opinion if you don't recommend that your client makes further verifications ( like it says in the above) .I understand the lawyer's concerned but this is always good after the sell.Before problems , why not suggest and advise your client of a protential problem ? It is the inspector minimum recomendations. If you don't do so , i don't undestand how my job can be properly done !
  14. To all inspectors out there that have condo units in they're home town.Every time i have a condo unit to inspect i always check any concerned documents that could bring a potential problem for my client safety. My last verification concerned a 2 bedrooms unit 1998 located on the second floor in Monteal ,Canada. My first detection was some water infiltrations,on the living room ceiling ,that were recently repaired. My client had a document stating that the water infiltrations , of this unit was verified in 2005 by an engeneer company but they never found the exact problem. They said that th
  15. I could go forward with that new vinyl although, the electrical guy could have installed the masthead before the vinyl contractor. It seems to me that this masthead was improperly installed. I'm more worried for the wires that seems to closed for the aluminium soffit . I could see futur problems with strong winds and electrical wire movements on the aluminium sidding. This masthead should have been installed over the roofing section .
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