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  1. OK try this one. www.sbionline.org Click on techinical at top and then scroll down page to flashing Paul B.
  2. www.sbionline.org-pdf-Flashing Bulletin English.pdf Improper installation to me involves all workmanship involved in doing a proper brick job. I agree we seldom see this but never the less.......... Paul B.
  3. Thru wall flashing and weeps should be installed above and below openings. Pictures indicate not properly installed. CABO 703.7 and SBC 1403.1 beginning 1994. Paul B.
  4. Is there any thru wall flashing and weeps I do not see any at wall botton. Brick looks wet. Just a thought. Paul B.
  5. What do we do with Realtors that tell our buyer it is the inspectors responsibility to turn on the utilities? Have had it happen to me many times and have lost several jobs because of these lies and irresponsible business practices. There are flunkies in this area that take their own power generator to job for electricity, turn on utilities take a superficial look around and declare the home satisfactory. I am not sure who they work for but I know it is not the buyer. How do I know this happens because Realtors have asked me if I have a generator, I say no and I do not get the job. Excuses could be made for these flunkies maybe they have a family to support but I can't bring myself to do it. They could do like the rest of us and learn the right way to do a job if they wanted to. Anyway down here we call it the basacards way of doing it. Paul B.
  6. [:-banghea[:-censore[:-headach Are you listening Phillip. Paul B.
  7. A stock consulting executive on TV this morning recommended that to help the economy we should get our wives one share of stock for valentines day. Sounds like a good idea if you do not mind sleeping on the couch for approximately a month and cooking your own stuff. [:-crazy] Paul B.
  8. Gwinnet county, Ga. where I reside won't allow these small houses. I have a 4 acre lot and one residence on lot. The last time I inquired the minium was 1,400 sq. ft. living area. Been awhile may be more now like maybe 1,600 sq. ft. Paul B.
  9. Phillip I think that the problem of a lack of comon sense is that nobody knows or cares that it is gone. Oh well some may say if one can't beat um then join um. As an old rebel from the deep south once said "hell no I ain't forgettin" Thanks for the post. Paul B.
  10. Good suggestions all thanks. However I think it would be wise to include in report that the entire structure including all mechanical systems will fail in the future even the ones that are operating on day of inspection. Would this be enough CYA or did I miss something. Paul B.
  11. It does not matter what's excluded in your agreement or what your contract says what matters is what the judge decides. TRUE STORY: A seasoned inspector friend of mine inspected a crawl space which was dry with no signs of moisture problems. A few years later 4 or 5 the buyer sued him after the crawl flooded. The judge said the inspector should have told the buyer that the crawl might leak in the "future" and awarded the buyer $20,000 for foundation repairs. A contract or a persons word used to mean something. Apparently not much anymore. Today's society dances to a tune of which I am not familiar. Paul B.
  12. I was a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser (now inactive). I quit because of reasons stated in the article. I can assure you that all a mortgage broker want's from an appraiser is a bottom line that will make the deal work and they do not care how you get it but just get it. We used to say that a Mortgage broker would sell their sister into a house of ill repute if it would close the deal. I went into a restaurant a decade or so past and a broker that had lied and cheated me sat there with his wife. All of a sudden something happened to me. My eyes got large and smoke started coming from my nostrils. I went to his table poked my finger in his face and told him in no uncertain terms what a @%^&*((*&% he was and believe me I did not hold back. I never got my money but the look on that scum bags face was worth it. You could say what I did was rude and uncouth but I would do it again in a New York minute. My blood pressure is elavating now so I will sign off now. Paul B.
  13. Excuse me WJ but we say bassackwards down here in Ga. Just a little trivia.[}]
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