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  1. I just googled "foundation benching" and guess what came up... []
  2. So where is the weep screed? If it is just like stucco, is the weep screed also required?
  3. New construction - 2006. I am concerned about the flashing details with this metal roof. I can't remember the last one I saw, but these seem like they will leak in sooner than later, as they are "sealant dependant". Is this the norm with metal roofing? I am currently looking for install instructions but having no luck. Thanks I cannot upload pics!!!
  4. Do any of you guys use a manometer aka water level to see if a foundation is out of level??
  5. Scott, my monthly bill averages about $110 for $3.50/click. I am usually in the top 4-5 listings. Its fairly competitive for my keywords, and I believe the top spot pays around $10/click.
  6. PPC has worked fairly well for me. I put a whole lot of work into my website and it has produces most of my business. To answer your question, if you're not on the first page, dont count on getting any calls. At a minimum you need to be on the first page if not the top. I have optimized my site well, and now have a top spot on google in the organic rankings for my keywords "san diego home inspection". Your site will need some work, it needs to be more personal and needs to get the lookers pumped so they call, and not just to ask, "how much?" but to call and book the inspection. It hard work and takes time and editing, but it pays off.
  7. Brad, what does the RE lawyer specialize in?
  8. Those of you who get business from lawyers, what type of lawyers are they and how much business do they give you? How do you go about marketing to them?
  9. Does anybody know if there is a manual on how to properly install asphalt shingles, that is basically "code"? Something that is looked to as the golden stadard that I can reference to in my reports. Thanks
  10. So you guys can perform an entire inspection without taking any notes...I'm impressed. If it really cuts down time on site by as much as 50% in some cases, I'm going to give it a go. I have found myself taking longer and longer on site lately, not sure why. I spent about 5.5 hrs on a 1940, 1300sqft house & crawl space - way too long. And then the report took me about 4 hours - I can't make a living like this!! QUESTION: How much longer, if any, does it take you guys to write the report if you dont have any written notes? QUESTION: Kurt, what is the actual model. Is it the Panasonic TZ1S 5MP 2.5" 10x Optical 40x Total Image Stabilizer? Costco has it on sale with a 2GB card for $200 The tough thing around here are the crawl spaces though - all the crawling in dirt destroys more cameras than anything else.
  11. Those of you who just use camera, I have some questions. 1. Once you're done with the inspection, get home at the end of the day, how do you remember what the picture was taken for?? Do you just look at the picture and write down what you see, or do you remember everything?? 2. When taking pics of different defects, do you point to the defect?? So yo know what the pic is for?? 3. What about informational stuff like taking the model # of the furnace, A/C, or the type of conductors in the panel, or the type of roof gutters, drainage, etc.??
  12. Is there an actual code in the IRC or UBC that states hip rafters(like ridge rafters)shall be framed directly opposite each other? Or is this not an issue at the roof hip? Donald, do you have any pics of hip and valley rafters braced at the peak? I dont understand.
  13. I am having a hard time coming up with the correct diagnosis for the hip rafter framing. Suggestions please?? The roof is framed primarily with trussses but for the hips and rafters. Download Attachment: RoofFraming.JPG 6.5 KB Download Attachment: RoofFraming2.jpg 45.02 KB Download Attachment: RoofFraming3.jpg 33.76 KB Download Attachment: RoofFraming4.jpg 58.79 KB Download Attachment: RoofFraming5.jpg 51.24 KB
  14. We have a lot af a/c condensate lines out here that are tapped into the lavatory drain pipe, upstream of the trap. Now, since there is no air-gap, this would be considered a direct connection right? I have also seen a/c condensate lines that are connected directly into a dedicated trap. There is no air-gap and the trap has a primer to keep the seal. This is a direct connection and I call it out. Is there really a difference between these two configurations? They are both connected to the drainage system WITHOUT AND AIR-GAP. I get this from the Code Check books: It says that the configuration of the condensate line to the lavatory drain is ok because it is an indirect receptor . Well were the heck is the air-gap between the connection - There is none. The same book also says that there are no direct connections to be made between the condensate line and drainage system. Well isnt the configuration of the condensate line to the lavatory drain a direct connection since there is no air-gap? Puzzled...
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