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  1. Lets grow up! Moss is caused by moisture, lack of sunshine to dry it up will alow moss to grow. DUH!!!! Who cares if it's fake stone. The same thing will happen to brick. Been in the business for over 30 years. Tell your customer that moisture could be a problem in the future, and ways to get rid of it. If it's not a problem now don't worry about it. DON'T BE AN ALARMIST!!!!!
  2. I had one that I could not find and guess what? It was covered over by the drywallers.
  3. I may be dumb as a pile of rocks,,but if on a 2 wire system and a ground fault outlet and I stick my handy dandy tester in it and I see the center light come on (ungrounded??) I then press my super handy dandy tester button and nothing happens, then the outlet is not working proper for gfci??? My question is will a tester trip a GFCI on a 2 wire system. Jim I know that that this is small stuff for you along with many others,,however I may have been sleeping during this part.
  4. Les, good point. I can see myself in you.
  5. Isn't the two wire system itself a hazard near water,,,,,And GFCI is intended for a 3 wire system.. ????What if the GFCI was wired wrong and we didn't know it and knew it was a 2 wire system.
  6. emalernee you are right,,,however I at times forget to take a photo of what ever.. I now use a paper version of my report laminated and placed in a binder and use a dry erase fine pen to make notations along with the photos. I then hammer it out at the office. I'm looking for a way to skip a step to save time myself.
  7. Wow osb is not good below grade.
  8. I'm looking to get into lead paint testing. I have received many calls in regard to testing. I got into radon because my clients asked for it. I think my clients are asking for this,,,But has anyone done this and is it a bigger pain in the butt than radon and worth it??
  9. The OQO looks like a nice unit......................
  10. The cover didn't have any screws and that was the first thing I thought when I opened it up. Is there a rule of thumb as cubic inches to wire allowed.
  11. Ran into this yesterday. Who ever put a new GE 200 amp panel used this for a junction box. Opinions needed. Download Attachment: box.jpg 54.66 KB
  12. I'm thinking about uping the ante and hiring an inspector to cover more inspections that I would normally turn down. Does anyone know what the going rate is for wages. Hourly or %. Not sure which would be the best for both. I do need to look out for who I hire so that I can get someone that will do a good job and will stay and not open up his own shop.
  13. Whats up with the copy./????????
  14. Should I pull a breaker(s) out during an inspection to check the bus bar? I beleive it is outside the scope of the inspection.
  15. Ok,,,, I know that we have been here a Billion times, However I had my head up my a?&.. I have a client that is looking at a Federal Pacific Stab lock Panel and it comes with a house. I would like to give him some resources that he could read and make a good decision as to buy the house or to pass.. Info please and I will forward to him.
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