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  1. there was water damage on the stucco front and water pentration in the garage foundation (other side of the house). I took readings around the whole (finished) basement, but there was nothing there. You think this may be affecting the integrity of the blocks? How so?
  2. Hi everyone, Hope you all had a pleasant whatever holiday you celebrated [:-dunce] Saw this on an inspection earlier this week. I think it's just a thin coating, and that's why you can see the block foundation, but now I'm not sure, as there was some other water penetrations on the property. I didn't get any readings with my meter in the basement. Whadaya think? Thank you Image Insert: 19.65 KB Image Insert: 15.89 KB
  3. Acually, this condo ia about 10 ears old, with really no major problems other than some issues with the furnace and dryer vent. I just believe that the firewall is a pretty important component ( besides for neighbors problem with it) but I agree with you that it's not a major issue. I wasn't going to tell them to get it taken care of before they take posession. I just wasn't sure how much of an issue it really is. Thanks, though, for your opinion
  4. Thanks. I guess I just needed the encouragment today[]
  5. I wasn't sure if it was 2 or 6 (actually I thought 5, hence the '?'). I guess you're right in considering it a sub-panel, as the ground and neutral were seperated. Here is the pic resized, hopefully a little better. Image Insert: 40.7 KB
  6. I don't inspect a lot of condos, but this morning I did one. In tha attic, there were firewalls between the units. I did find a hole punched in the drywall, that I believe goes through to the next unit. I believe this is a breech in the firewall, and should be repaired. I guess I'm just looking for confirmation. I don't want to be making mountains out of molehills. Thanks Image Insert: 4.2 KB
  7. I inspected a condo this morning (I haven't done a lot of condos). The electric panel had no main cutoff. After much searching I found the main by the electrical meters around the side of the building (each building has 10 units in it). Now, as far as I remember, a shutoff is needed anywhere it takes more than 2 (?) to cut off all power. Is that correct? Should I call out the fact that there is no shutoff, or is the fact that there are 2 rows enough? Thanks Image Insert: 7.4 KB
  8. http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/howtopat.htm
  9. Hi all, I've never seen anything like this. The TPR outlet has a plug in it, and the TPR valve is installed on the water line. I know there's no extension on it, I just want to know about the placement. Has anyone seen this, and is it ok? Sorry the pics aren't that clear, I took them with my phone Image Insert: 114.57 KB Image Insert: 78.15 KB Image Insert: 124.95 KB
  10. how many miles for an upgrade? []
  11. They didn't even try to 'clean it up' for the inspection !?!
  12. Well the whole point of the lock off device is so people aren't able to shut the fuse without the key (when it's locked)
  13. sorry, Ive been busy, haven't been checking in [:-bigeyes Mike- This side of the house had no gutters or overhang. I believe the moss was caused by that. The inside walls in the basement had no indications of water damage, although the floors were wet. Image Insert: 18.19 KB Brian - The interior of the basement was all piled stone. The veneer is very common in my area. Image Insert: 18.66 KB Neal - I must say, I'm a little surprised. With only 30 inspections under my belt in the last few months since I've started, everybody has been helpful when I wasn't sure of something or needed a different look at things. If I can't ask the more experienced inspectors here about something I'm not completely confident about, who could I ask? Did you start in this field knowing everything? End of the story - I basically told them the lack of gutters and downspouts on that side of the house is causing water to penetrate into the basement and moss to grow on the exterior.
  14. I would also assume it is some sort of speaker for a security system or similar. The wires (from what I can see) look like alarm wire. Although they are usually mounted high on a wall beneath a overhang, I can understand why the roof is a pretty good hard to reach place to hide the box.
  15. maybe they did this . . . Image Insert: 9.37 KB
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