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  1. The part that hurts the most is the fact that Dads premiere spot on the totem pole has just been bumped. Congrats. He must be above board if he called to ask permission.
  2. it varies week to week to week. ups and downs
  3. thanks for the info since i am basically seo illiterate
  4. elw351

    roofing tiles

    thanks felt like it as a vent but didn't know the name.
  5. did an inspection on a new contruction yesterday. concrete tile roof. noticed these but not sure of the proper name. appear to be a vent Image Insert: 74.61 KB Image Insert: 74.33 KB Image Insert: 81.43 KB
  6. ck out http://www.officelive.com/ its free. completely. lots of templates. works well for me
  7. That was me. Thanks I think I got the answer I needed
  8. New construction. Beach front property. Found seperation of rafter to wall. Recommending to install hangers but can't seem to find code to cover this. Am I just blind?
  9. i didn't have a site for the longest. until one of my student began to double the # of inspections he was getting. i just did't take it seriously. i knew i needed one but not on top of the priority list. having made one this past april i have found it to at least double my bus. i would also ck out microsoft office live basics its free unless you want to upgrade
  10. it can be alot of fun to find. did a house with a boat house. i like to never found the outlet that was tripped.
  11. thanks for the info don't know why i couldn't find it
  12. I teach several hi classes at our local college. I am trying to update some of my stats on est numbers of hi in the U.S. Looked at NACHI all they seem to have is the number of hits to their multitude of web addresses. ASHI doesn't seem to have any that I could find.Point me in the right direction.
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